How to make foam Stabiliser fusible

Making Foam fusible

I’m starting a how to series, it will include basic sewing instructions and specific bag making instructions.

I wanted to start with this one as Vilene sent me a sample of their newest product Style-vil. It’s a great new sew in foam. I haven’t used a lot of foams however i did use one for The Luna bag pattern. I wish i had Style-vil back then!

I use Vilene products a lot, mostly fusible vilene H 630 and H 640 for bags. I use them because they are easily available in Australia and inexpensive. I’m always impressed with the results.

The Style-vil is a great product and will allow bags to stand very well. The only thing i wish it was, is fusible. But thats ok! We can make non fusible foam, fusible really easily.

I’ve used heat and bond light in this example but you can use Vilene’s own Bondaweb, or other double-sided adhesive product that you would use for applique.

This test sample i have used is 4″ x 4″ piece of Style-vil and heat and bond light and placed it on 5″ x 5″ piece of fabric.

Fusing Foam stabiliser

I cut my heat and bond and style-vil to the same size and followed the heat and bond instructions to adhere to the style-vil. It  can be ironed with a pressing cloth over it. The style-vil did really well and it’s recommended you press to remove wrinkles from the foam before use.

I then removed the paper backing from the heat and bond and ironed my fabric onto it.

Fusing Foam stabiliser

It bonded really well! It looks great and i can still stitch it.

Fusing Foam

I really recommend doing this for your bags, Try it for yourself.

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Etsy Treasury

Are you in love with etsy? … i am!

Create a treasury

It’s been around for a long time, but i have always wondered why people make them.
Well I’ve done my research and new i’m showing you how to set up a treasury on Etsy

Treasuries are great as another way to find items of interest on Etsy, businesses are encouraged to promote items they love.

This is a great way to get noticed more by potential customers. If you have a business tribe you may want to create treasuries with each others products.

It may may be items in competition with their product or it could be something that may compliment their product. You should avoid posting the same two products from the same shop and your own items.

An example of these is my treasury of Beautiful bag Patterns, i’ve promoted other bag designers that i collaborate with often and patterns i have tried or want to! A store selling furniture may want to create a treasury for accessories that may match that specific furniture item.

It could be the same for kids items, create a treasury just for certain themes or colours. They are so much fun to create and gives your customers ideas on how to use your product.

Cool huh! Well here’s how to make your own treasury list!

Go to copy

on the right hand side you’ll see create a list.

Be specific with your name of your list, use the tags well. and put in a good description.

treasury discription

Open another tab in your browser, open etsy in the new tab and find items you want to add to your treasury! Add all 12 items to your list to get the best exposure on Etsy.
treasury final

Advertise your treasury list on Social media, people can comment on it!

You can my treasury here, I’ll be adding a lot more in the future!

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The Portfolio Bag.

Portfolio Bag

I’ve just released my newest pattern! The portfolio bag! i had so much creating this bag.

Once again i designed because i had a need! i really needed a bag to carry around my 2 ring binder when i go to meetings but i also wanted it to be big enough for a laptop!

Large portfolio bag
Portfolio Bag by Lorelei Jayne

I also wanted a smaller version for my colouring books or my kids colouring books (yeah right). The smaller portfolio bag fits small books, journals, tablets and E-readers.

I love how quick and easy these are to sew up and they look amazing. The Testers have done an amazing job sewing such lovely bags. i especially love the bags using vinyl.

The portfolio bag features 2 great sized handles, a back zipper pocket that fits pens and a smart phone in it.

The pattern includes clear photos and instructions, pattern pieces as well as measurements. This pattern can be added to and altered very easily to suit your needs.

final 2

Finished sizes of this Bag (excluding straps)

Small: 12″ x 10″    Large: 14.5″ x 12″

The Portfolio Bag pattern is available here or you can buy it on Etsy or Craftsy

Once again my testers did an amazing job! They went above the call and made multiple bags, used vinyl and did such a fantastic job with fabric choices!


Some of the testers used two magnetic snaps for the closures. It looks so good!Portfolio bag two snap Portfolio bag

I hope you really enjoy making portfolio bags!

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Craft Fair

On wednesday i visited the Perth quilt and craft fair as i do every year.

The past few years i’ve been going with my sister, its great to visit with her because we appreciate all the crafts together. She loves paper craft and i get excited over all the cute stamp possibilities and wish they were fabric.

She appreciates fabric, then walks off to look at more stamps. Aww sisters!  I bought my first two fat quarters within 5 minutes and my sister had her first stamp in 2!

She did hold my bags while i tried out a lot of machines which was handy!

I tried out some great machines, including the new one from Janome the memory craft 9400. It has amazing features for quilting and applique` I was pretty excited to try it out!

20160518_114455 copy

I also loved the reasonably priced Husqvarna Opal 650, it’s pretty and easy to use. It’s Pretty comparable to my brother NS55 but did seem a bit sturdier and prettier too.

20160518_112006 copy

I looked at a lot of brother machines, i like brother for quilting and embroidery. We also checked out the Brother Scan and Cut and loved it.

We (sisters) now own one that we will share. I can’t wait to cut some of fabric for my free patterns using it. I have created some scan and cut files. I will likely add these to the website soon.

As usually i went with a list of items i wanted to buy, and left with about 5% of those and a lot of fabric i had no intention of purchasing.

I was excited to visit the Vilene (vlieseline) booth and check out all the products, They had amazing showbags with yards of all their products to purchase, unfortunately i had spent over my budget at that stage!


I love Vilene 630 and use it a lot in my bags and I’m very excited that they are bringing out a new foam product for bags called Style-Vil. It will give great stability to tote bags while looking and feeling good too. I now just need to wait until it’s out to sew with it!

I bought amazing star wars fabric from make it Hobby and craft, 1/4 metres of little red riding hood from a little stall that was crazy busy and some liberty Alice in wonderland fabric from materialise.20160518_102457 20160519_231447 copy

It was a great day, great for my stash, not so great for my wallet. Check out my instagram to see what other items we looked at!

Thanks for reading.

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Selling Handmade

I have recently decided to stop selling handmade at markets. This was a really hard decision because i loved doing markets so much. But with the increase in designing and wanting to keep up with blogging it was getting harder and harder.

Now i have made the decision i can concentrate on the parts of my business that not only make the most money but fit in with my family life more. This also means more blog posts, more designs and more sewing custom items.

Part of this change is that i will be putting bags i have made previously for markets in my store as well as other items i make for fun!

I hope you take a look. I will be adding stock often.

Check out the Bags by clicking below.

Bag Button

Thanks for your continued support.

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Yarn Bag Tutorial

Yarn Bag Tutorial

I dabble in crochet. I can’t make clothing or anything too fancy but if i want a baby blanket or a scarf i can make it.

*Please note this post contains affiliate links*

I recently started a lap blanket for myself and i realised i have no bag for my yarn and used a plastic bag. It didn’t really work that well especially when trying to watch TV with the rustling noises of plastic! Haha!

Now that i finished the blanket, i have designed an easy quick sew yarn bag. It has a pocket with a snap closure for your hooks too!

Download the Pattern HERE

This is a pattern and tutorial created for personal use. If you would like to sell the bags made with this tutorial I ask that you buy a Licence HERE.

inside pocket

You’ll need:

 Pattern Download HERE

1/2 a metre of exterior fabric

1/2 metre of Lining

1/2  metre of Medium Interfacing

1/2 fusible fleece (i used vilene H630)

1 Snap set.

Use the pattern pieces:

Cut 2 exterior bag pieces

Cut 2 lining bag pieces

Cut 2 bag pieces in medium interfacing

Cut 2 bag pieces in Fusible Fleece

Cut 2 pocket pieces

Cut 2 pocket pieces in medium interfacing

Lets get making:

Attach interfacing following manufacturer’s instructions to lining pieces of bag and each piece of the pocket.

Attach the fusible fleece to the exterior bag pieces.

Create the pocket by sewing the pieces together leaving a turning hole at the top.

20160425_142033 copy

Clip corners and turn right side out. Fold in turning hole, press and top stitch 1/8” away from the top seam this will close the turning hole.

Install the Male side of the snap in the pocket piece, centred ½” down from the top.

Find the centre of one of the lining pieces. Pin the Pocket piece to the lining with the bottom of the pocket  5” up from the bottom.

Perfect snap pockets

Mark where to place the female snap piece by putting erasable market on the tip of the male piece and pressing it onto the lining piece.

Attach the female side of the snap to the lining so it lines up with the male side

snap Pocket

Sew the sides and bottom edges of the pocket 1/8” away from the sides attaching it to the lining piece.

Lay bag pieces right sides together and sew each side seam and bottom using 3/8” seam allowance.

Create boxed corners by by nesting the seams of the side and bottom, creating a triangle. Sew straight across 2” from the point

Creating boxed corners

Create the lining of the bag the same way as the exterior.

Turn the exterior bag right side out and keep the lining wrong side out

Place the exterior bag inside the lining.  Match the side seams and handle.

Sewing Tutorial

Sew up each side of the handle and stop about 2 inches before the end. Clip around the curves being careful not to clip into the stitching.

Yarn Bag sewing tutorial

Reach into one of the ends of the handle and pull the bag through turning it right side out.

Yarn Bag

This bit is tricky, place the ends of the two lining handle pieces right sides together and attach with a 1/2” seam. Press seam open.

tricky bits

Place the end of the two exterior handle pieces right sides together and attach with a 3/8” seam.

Press Seam open and turn the handle right side out.

Fold the side edges of the handles in by 3/8”  and press. Top stitch 1/8” away from the edge,  around each handle hole closing the holes.

Yarn bag tutorial

Press well!

Yarn Bag Tutorial

Enjoy your new Yarn bag!

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Panic Clutch review

Panic Clutch review

*this post contains affiliate links

Ever since Emma from Emkie designs released the Panic clutch i have been waiting to try it out! i was just waiting to find the perfect vinyl. Purple Vinyl!

Panic Clutch

I’m not that amazing at sewing vinyl and i did procrastinate for a few days over it. But i put my walking foot on and my leather needle and i failed  practised 2 flaps before i was satisfied with my final flap.

This pattern is just 1 step up from a zippered pouch and a pattern perfect to challenge a beginner!

It does involve sewing over several layers but the instructions are clear about how to reduce bulk and i doubt it would break any needles. Plenty of clips and your good to sew!

The panic clutch has large zipper tabs to ensure the zip is hidden under the flap and yet it still is a good size to fit everything in.

inside of panic clutch

I used fusible fleece on my exterior pieces and medium weight interfacing on the lining and it’s the perfect combination for this clutch. On the flap i used medium interfacing on the lining of the flap but nothing on the vinyl.

Back to the vinyl. I had one hiccup in the final minutes of sewing this clutch my iron touched and melted the vinyl in a corner. I’m investing in a roller and will be sure to use a pressing cloth in future. it’s so small and on the back so most would not even notice.

Panic Clutch twist lock

The heart twist lock did take me some time too! i’m not use to cutting out hearts. But it looks so good! i have 1 more of these heart locks and i can’t wait to use it on something!

I love my panic clutch and plan to use it for an upcoming wedding!

10% Off Your First Order at

I will be making this again for sure and would also love to round the corners of this pattern. It looks really good with all fabric too!

You can find the Panic Clutch Sewing pattern Here

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Handmade Labels

final 1 copy

Handmade labels can take your business to a whole new handmade level! They are professional looking while being inexpensive and fun to create.

You can use this technique to make Name labels for bags and clothes too!

I love them so much and it adds more to my handmade business.

I also use my template to get Labels printed on to spoonflower fabric, you can read all about it here.

These are super simple and quick to make
You’ll need T-shirt transfer paper and Cotton fabric
T-shirt transfer paper comes in two types, one for light fabric (white, beige some light colours) and then one for dark fabric (Colours).
I Print out a sheet full (4 columns in word) remember to make it reverse picture! and then i cut them into smaller pieces. or iron on 1 row at a time leaving 1/4 for the top and bottom of the labels.
Handmade labels, in word
I use broadcloth or 100% cotton and iron (follow the instructions on the transfer paper) 3-4 at a time on to the fabric giving enough space around each label to either fold back the edges, leave the edges or to use pinking sheers.
Handmade labels



Make handmade labels
If not folding the edges under, using pinking shears or zig zag stitching the edges use fray stop, you only need a tiny bit and a bottle is about $5!
Quick and easy labels
 Store the labels close to your work centre so you don’t forget to put them on your products!
Handmade labels lorelei jayne
These are so easy to use and inexpensive. Great when you are starting your handmade business but don’t want to spend a lot on labels.
final 1 copy

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom!

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