An introduction

Although this blog has been up since July, i haven’t introduced myself and thought with the make over it may be the perfect time.
Hi I’m Alison, author and owner of Lorelei Jayne
I’m about to turn 30 and i have two small boys. I work part time at an office job and run my small business in my lunch hour, evenings, weekends and holidays.
My family are my world and support me in all that i do and i could not do all this without my husband who exclaims at all my creations and looks after the kids while I’m at markets. 
My favourite things to do is to sew, make jewellery, visit fabric stores (and spend) and share crafting with others.
I started Lorelei Jayne because i have a passion for creating and helping others create. I get a kick out of seeing others using my patterns and tutorials. I love to make easy to wear kids clothes and one of a kind items.

Lorelei Jayne is for crafters, sewists, lovers of all things handmade. I look forward to growing this blog and this business with you all.

I’d love to see items you make head over twitter post and #loreleijayne 

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2 thoughts on “An introduction

  1. Nice to meet you Alison. It's crazy trying to find time to fit everything in isn't it? On the other hand we would probably go crazy if we didn't craft!

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