Handmade Labels

handmade Labels

Handmade labels can take your business to a whole new handmade level! They are professional looking while being inexpensive and fun to create.

You can use this technique to make Name labels for bags and clothes too!

I love them so much and it adds more to my handmade business.

I also use my template to get Labels printed on to spoonflower fabric, you can read all about it here.

These are super simple and quick to make
You’ll need T-shirt transfer paper and Cotton fabric
T-shirt transfer paper comes in two types, one for light fabric (white, beige some light colours) and then one for dark fabric (Colours).
I Print out a sheet full (4 columns in word) remember to make it reverse picture! and then i cut them into smaller pieces. or iron on 1 row at a time leaving 1/4 for the top and bottom of the labels.
Handmade labels, in word
I use broadcloth or 100% cotton and iron (follow the instructions on the transfer paper) 3-4 at a time on to the fabric giving enough space around each label to either fold back the edges, leave the edges or to use pinking sheers.
Handmade labels



Make handmade labels
If not folding the edges under, using pinking shears or zig zag stitching the edges use fray stop, you only need a tiny bit and a bottle is about $5!
Quick and easy labels
 Store the labels close to your work centre so you don’t forget to put them on your products!
Handmade labels lorelei jayne
These are so easy to use and inexpensive. Great when you are starting your handmade business but don’t want to spend a lot on labels.
final 1 copy

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom!

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  1. Hi, I am now looking forward to my own label makers and printing them ith different fonts.. I will hopefully be sending a success story. Thank you

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