Scrap Busting!

I’ve found some great ideas to use up those left over fabric scraps. I want to show you some of the ways I’ve used them and link to the tutorials i have used and plan to use. Cuffs on my Capri Jeans The jeans were only $11 so i wasn’t worried if it didn’t work out. This summer i plan on doing lace. These two tutorials really helped me out theghettoquilter tutorial for lengthening and mending Craftycritique tutorial knot no hem capri pants Scrappy belts!  They are so cute on toddlers as well as adults. Applique I’ve made so many […]

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Creating for little girls

As you may have seen I have a tutorial for a Little girl bag and i adore making all sorts of little girls accessories for my friends daughters! I’m soon to be an Aunty to a little girl and I have many ideas on gifts for many years to come! Here are a few of my favourite little girls accessories sewing patterns/tutorials: DIY headband holder – thegoodlife Felt feather DIY – on Doll Sleeping bag – polkadotchair Dolly-mei-tai – The Crazy Tailor I really need to try the Mei-tei! i know lots of little girls would love it! Enjoy!

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Patterns I love – Harems

I’ve been looking at patterns I love and use to create my sale items that would be beneficial to other sewists! I love tell you all about great, easy well written patterns! One pattern I adore and love to make for my kids and to sell on Lorelei Jayne is Harem pants by Pattern emporium. I love how simple and fantastic they fit. The fact they come in so many sizes ┬áincluding babies, kids and ladies just made it a must have and must make! My kids find them so comfortable to wear in any weather. I make with thicker […]

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Recent Creations – May

I would love to do a blog at the end of each month containing some really fantastic items i created. I’m really proud of these lovelies! Some are sold and custom orders. Others are available in the website store (etsy) or on facebook Harem pants – Pattern emporium Harem pants – Pattern emporium Vinties, Long leg – Fresh designs Ruched Shorts – Coles Creations  Colouring Book Caddy’s – Lorelei Jayne Lots of Little Girl Bags – Lorelei Jayne Kids messengers Bag – Zaaberry (we are licensed to sell) These are just some of our favourite. I can’t wait to make […]

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Market Display ideas

I’ve been working on my market display for the last few weeks, picking up items from discount stores, vintage markets and DIYing a few bits too. I’ve made a headband holder and i think it will work nicely and I’m considering making one to hold kids belts. I also found this lovely recipe book holder which is going hold my earring board with all the button earrings i make. I still have to make the board. So these along with my frame and small items for sale will be on the table. I’m also wanting to create cute little place […]

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Giveaway time! – 500 Views! – CLOSED

This site has been up less than a week and we already have over 500 views, I’m pretty happy with that! To celebrate i’m doing a giveaway on the Lorelei Jayne Facebook. Head on over to check it out and Enter! I’ll be here working hard on many pairs of Harem pants!

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I’ve added a section to put upcoming showcases we will be involve in. The pictures link directly to the showcase so you can go and check them out. The Owls and Birds showcase Hosted by Showcase Central starts at 7:30 EST on the 30th of May. I can’t wait i’m very excited! I’ve submitted a Zaaberry bag as a mummy to dolly set. Its everything a little girl “mummy” needs for her dolly baby. I hope you check it out!

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Button Rings – Crafty

Colourful rings for older kids or kitsch loving ladies are so easy and fast! I made these for a market and it was so much fun. You’ll need: Ring backs, there are lots of different types. I got these online from a seller on a craft site. i had to bend the backing round the button to make them stable. E6000 Glue, its amazing stuff! perfect for jewellery making! BUTTONS! Buttons are so inexpensive if you buy craft ones in big bags, at markets you can find antique buttons! options are endless! I always place the glue on the ring […]

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