Work in progress

The title does really explain everything! This website is a work in progress and there is work in progress all the time. I feel often now I’m working 16+ hours a day and with having too children it’s never ending! I’m on the go with the website, organising a photo shoot for June, a Market in July and supply shopping (hard life). I’m adding to Etsy and building up my stock. This weeks sewing includes 1 top for me and as many little girls dresses as i can produce. A few rompers and skirts might be good too! I need […]

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I’ve been so busy and sewing so much. Trying out new patterns and deciding which ones will benefit my business. I’ve been wiping snotty noses and feeding the younger one that only says no! So very important times have been keeping me from blogging! I also started using and etsy to sell my items. I’m hoping to have some success selling items I’ve already created rather than custom made. I love making custom made items more than i thought i would. Others have awesome ideas. Even when I’m not to sure how they will turn out and then it […]

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Why Lorelei Jayne?

In november i decided to open my small business lorelei Jayne. I previously had written a blog called this novice sewist while learning to sew and although i haven’t finished learning and never will, i have moved on to open Lorelei Jayne and learning how to run a business in this industry. I’m very excited to start this website as it has been something i have been thinking about since november. All dreams need to start somewhere and this is a part of mine. I aim to share my designs and my creations with sewists and customers. I want to […]

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