Project Worksheet Printable

Project Worksheet

I’ve been working on ways to stream line my designing and also sewing ideas. Sometimes i want to use fabric for pattern and then totally forget about which bag or which fabric i want to use. I’m loving all these quilting journals daily journals and thought what if i could get more organised with mine?! I created this easy Project Worksheet printable to keep me creative and have all of my ideas in one place.

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Time Management as a Creative

time management for creatives

Being creative and organised doesn’t go hand in hand (who would have guessed!) But when owning a creative business or having a busy life and being a creative person time management is a big deal. We need time to enjoy our craft! I don’t know about you but for me sewing can be an escape or a stress… I need things to be organised and have free (kid free) time to really enjoy sewing, with my life that’s hard! I’ve worked out what things really help me to achieve the time i need to successful design and sew my bags. Work […]

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Blog updates and schedule printable

I’ve been working hard at getting this blog sorted on wordpress and working on some new pattern designs. The new look blog with a pretty banner will inspire creativity i’m sure. I’m really loving the new look with a few new pages too. I do have some exciting things coming up! I have a review of a great wallet pattern, A few tutorials and some great blog articles that i have been wanting to write for a long time. The one thing i’m lacking at the moment is Time! I’ve created a new schedule to help balance out my creative life […]

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InDesign Cheat Sheet – Free Printable

I’ve been doing the Pattern Workshop course and I’m totally loving it! I decided to make myself a InDesign cheat sheet to help myself get better at shortcuts. I thought some of you might use InDesign for your pattern or graphic art work. Click on the picture below to download the cheat sheet printable. Just a short little blog because i’m working hard on my next few patterns! I also have a heap of custom orders, sewing for markets and general business stuff keeping me super busy! Keep an eye on my Instagram to see all the bits and pieces! […]

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Seam Allowance Cheat Sheet Printable

*This post contains affiliate links. I’ve been meaning to make this for a while because i whine about forgetting the seam allowances for my favourite patterns all the time. This printable is awesome because it takes that away. No longer will you have to open up the PDF pattern every time you start a project that you’ve already made 10 times and know off by heart! Pattern designers usually stick with the same seam allowances for all of their patterns. Which makes it even easier to use as you can just put all in the pattern column. The notes column […]

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Goal Setting with Printable

This year, I’ve decided is the year I need to set some clear goals with my business, life and, of course this blog. There are a lot of things I want to achieve and due to time constraints I really have to be organised to achieve them. One way I believe I can achieve the goals I want is to write them all down and also to be accountable for each task. Part of the accountability is to you, my readers and to my family, the ones supporting me with love and finances. Goal setting is not easy for me; […]

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Daily Blog Checklist Printable

I’ve been working hard to get some new freebies to you in 2015!  I couldn’t wait so here’s my first Printable to introduce you all to a new section of this blog! I’ve created this Daily Blog Checklist! Download by clicking the picture below.  Blog Checklist Using lists is so helpful and can focus my blogging energy because i’m very easily distracted (ohhh look at the pretty!)  This is a great checklist with a large notes section at the bottom and a section for business.  (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); So much is happening soon so be sure to follow […]

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