Moving Sewing rooms, and houses

You never realise how much stuff you have until you move. Even after a big chuck (throw) out my husband says my sewing room has as much furniture as all the other rooms combined… I don’t think it’s that bad. maybe. So we are moving and so is our internet connection which will take a few days. So this is my last blog post from this house. I’m really excited about my new sewing and working space. I have new furniture and lots of plans! I still have a tray of unfinished projects and a pattern being tested. I have […]

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Tips for sewing Small things

I had an email recently about how to sew around the top of my scissor pouch. You can find the tutorial for the scissor pouch here. Other small things you might sew may include pin cushions, Barbie clothes (ohh nooo) and embellishments for bags.  I wanted to share some tips of how to sew small things because it can be tricky! Slow Down. With any delicate project you need to slow down and take your time. It also means it takes longer but you will get a better result i promise! Use your FOOT! Sewing machine foot that is. Choose […]

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Sewing Room Inspiration

I’m getting a new sewing room *Happy Dance* and that means i need some inspiration. The trouble is we rent and i have to keep most of my old furniture. I will be adding a few new pieces though. The biggest difference will be my sewing machine desk. I got the Ikea Galant desk on sale just after christmas and i love the legs and thin top. it’s also deeper than my current desk so i’m hoping it just works better. I will have my Main sewing machine and over locker on it as well as all my little essentials […]

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Party Clutch Pattern Review

As soon as i saw this pattern i knew i had to try it! Another pattern that took over my Facebook feed and i found myself buying black vinyl and beautiful canvas just to make it!. Both fabrics i have not sewn a great deal before and they did so well with this pattern. The Fabric is Koi by Rashida COLEMAN-HALE and i have been passing it in the fabric store for a while thinking of what i would make. I picked out the vinyl and turned around and the scalloped Edge design was sitting there. I got a huge kick out […]

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Christmas Thank You with a sale

Boxingday sale

Another year is ending and although i am working through the holidays on patterns for next year i am taking this time to reflect a bit on 2015 and enjoy my family too. It’s been an amazing year for me personally and a really huge year for Lorelei Jayne I have grown my little business and it has been going so well. I released 5 patterns for sale and created many free tutorials that have become quite popular. I will need to take a short break at the end of January as i am moving house. However i hope to […]

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Zip Techniques in Bags

zip techniques for bag making

Zips are a huge part of sewing. I avoided sewing zips for a long time but just admitted to myself that i just need to practice! The more you sew anything but especially zips, the more comfortable you will become. These are a few of  the different ways zips can be used in bag making. In seam zip This zip style is very common and in my opinion the easiest for beginner sewists. This technique can be found in so many bags and a lot of free tutorials including my thin pencil case tutorial and the paper pieced pencil case tutorial With […]

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Great Online Sewing Classes

online sewing classes

So you want to sew? You may have started or wanting to start and you want to get some guidance. Or you can sew but your wanting to learn more! Me too! i’m all about continuous improvement! I have discovered some awesome Sewing and designing classes and would love to share them with you! Please be aware this post contains affiliate links. The best part of online sewing classes is you can revisit the class you need when you need it and you also have communities involved in the classes to discuss sewing with. Most websites have forums or they […]

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Cyber Monday Pattern Sale

I’m very excited about the Cyber Monday Pattern sales! I have just finished celebrating my birthday and Lorelei Jayne’s 2nd Birthday too. I’ve set up my web store to provide the lowest price for my patterns. To introduce you to my new web shop i have created a Coupon code only on here for the 28th of November until the 1st of December! The Coupon can be used for all patterns and the pattern bundles! Use the code CYBERMON to grab a bargain. Thanks so much for your support! I hope you find lots of bargains this Cyber Monday! Sign up for […]

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