I’ve been so busy and sewing so much. Trying out new patterns and deciding which ones will benefit my business.

I’ve been wiping snotty noses and feeding the younger one that only says no! So very important times have been keeping me from blogging!

I also started using www.hand-made.com.au and etsy to sell my items. I’m hoping to have some success selling items I’ve already created rather than custom made.

What will you make today? Creativebug
I love making custom made items more than i thought i would. Others have awesome ideas. Even when I’m not to sure how they will turn out and then it surprises me with how good they look. An example is some pouches I’m making, The picture is on my instagram. The pouches look amazing, i am very proud of how they are turning out. The customer supplied the fabric, and the ideas and i’m just amazed by them!

This creativity is making me feel so satisfied and happy. It keeps me going when I’m sleep deprived or sick. My mind is busy with ideas and when i write them down or create them, I sleep really well!

Here is something I posted on our Facebook.

I was sitting with my son thinking why would i buy handmade when stuff is quite cheap in store. How can I explain that it’s SOMETIMES better to buy handmade.

Check out my hand-made store, etsy and my instagram to see what I’ve been excited about!