Market Display ideas

I’ve been working on my market display for the last few weeks, picking up items from discount stores, vintage markets and DIYing a few bits too.

I’ve made a headband holder and i think it will work nicely and I’m considering making one to hold kids belts.

I also found this lovely recipe book holder which is going hold my earring board with all the button earrings i make. I still have to make the board.
So these along with my frame and small items for sale will be on the table. I’m also wanting to create cute little place card holders from vintage thread spools! Can’t wait to do them!
I will have my double Clothing rack and mannequin hangers up to the side. i’ll have a lovely bunting and my banner behind the desk.
So many ideas never enough hours in the day!
Once i have it all set up as a practice stall i will show you all!