saving money is crafty business

I’ve learnt quickly how to save money in my small handmade business and believe I could help with some handy tips

Design your own custom business card 

My business card has 3 uses. It’s a business card, it’s a swing tag and its a earring holder.
Just by adding price and size on the back.

 My business cards as earring cards
I also got a great deal from Vista print for them.

Buy online where possible and shop around.
I buy online whenever i can. I also try to buy Australian to save postage and to help the Aussies (oi oi oi)
That being said i also stay with someone i trust. I do find that Aussie businesses especially reward repeat customers. I have been known to get free samples and discounts and that makes me stay even more!

Buy in bulk.
if you know your going to use a lot of a product buy in bulk ie. labels, stationary,ink, some fabrics.

Shop when the sales are on. it really helps the bottom line.

Ask for what you want
This i only realised recently. Talk to your friends, think about what you use that costs money that you don’t even realise can really add up! for me it’s zip lock bags and bubble wrap. A lot of people and businesses have these little things that you use and want that they don’t want or need.

Schools want egg cartons and toilet roll holders and they ask for them. I realised asking hey did you want those can be of benefit. I started asking can i have these? if i know they are about to go in the bin or land fill.

Freecycle and pay it forward groups online try to keep items of use out of land fill and they can also be a great source for freebies.