My tips on joining the blogger and business community

This blog is my second one, i’m putting a lot more effort in to blogging these days and into my site overall. I’m trying to find ways to have more views, more participation and regular blog posts.

The first thing i’ll tell you about it new. I’m planning my blogs, scheduling once i write and edit, writing down ideas and becoming an organised blogger! I believe it will help my writing (it needs it) and help gain viewers.

Get Organised
To help become organised i took to pinterest to find a blog organiser! I found a lot! I’ve pinned a few here.  In the end i needed something simple, that didn’t use up too much ink from the printer (I’m frugal like that) and that had everything I needed.

Social Media

Another thing i am doing is using social media a lot more. More Twitter and Instagram. I am forever on Facebook but need to branch out more. I have started a community board called sewing we love  on pinterest. if you want to be added as a contributor go to the our pinterest and follow us then leave a comment on one of the posts pinned by us in the board. we will follow you back and add you as a contributor.

This could also be about social media but I’m heading it forums because instead of just posting to social media you can use it to connect with forums in your subject matter. For me that’s sewing groups, crafty people and lovers of all things handmade. I’m also involved in small business groups which really helps when i have business questions or hearing about interesting business trends. Facebook has so many groups, Yahoo groups, Reddit and Etsy has great forums.
Sew a Sailor Top with Fancy Tiger Crafts on Creativebug
Get out there!
By get out there i mean physically get out of the home office and meet people. I find this the hardest. I’m just starting markets and find the thought of having to sell my wares face to face daunting! I can also find talking to people about what i do hard! what do you do? Hmmm… Where do i start…. I sew… I create, design, write, blog, have a office job (lets not go there) and I’m a mummy and a wife (I need a nap).  So i say, either, I’m a sewist or i create stuff and then i do an awkward giggle and explain I make mostly kids items but I also make bags and accessories for adults. That gets them interested if they don’t have children.
I now know who may or may not be interested very quickly. Some people just don’t like handmade, no judgement, it’s not their thing.  What i do find is that everyone is worth talking to that approaches me regarding this business of mine! Even if its a negative, ergh… that’s so expensive!, i can buy cheaper at (insert big commercial store here)… OK… I’m sure that’s true but its not one of a kind, hand picked fabric, if you don’t like something (design) you can’t change it… hmmm.
Markets, school fetes, business cards, flyers on notice boards, letter box flyer drops all help you get out there. Know when it’s appropriate to sell and not too as well.
Collaborate and build business relationships
I’ve seen a lot of people collaborate recently, I’ve seen some great ideas and would love to hear more! At the moment I’m involved in Showcases and do submit to charities too. It’s great to make friends in business. I have built a few business relationships and it has bought new interest to the business from areas i couldn’t reach. I talk about my friends businesses, i use them and i find my customers asking ” hey do you know someone who does this” and i can say well actually yes!!!  WIN WIN! My biggest tip with this is ensure you are building relationships with trust! recommending a business that is not reliable doesn’t look great for you.
I hope this has been helpful. I’m sure i’ll come up with some more tips in the future!

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