My top 10 Sites to help you get your craft on!


one stop shop for patterns, supplies and online classes. Plenty of inspiration too.
Perfect for inspiration, tutorials and to find what your looking for. to put it simply its a picture cataloging website, you choose pictures/photos from the internet and put them into catagories to refer to them later. Clicking on the photo then takes you to the site you pinned it from. You can also pin others pins.
check out ours Lorelei Jayne
our tutorials are on this site and they have such great starter tutorials and patterns,
something for everyone and everything!
so easy to use this great website to find fun, interesting and easy tutorials. it links right to the website and has fantastic photos.
all the pretty things here. So much inpiration, colour, lovely tutorials.
I love how easy it is to search and that they have business tutorials too.
over 400 tutorials, great photos and an craft community with online classes.
one of the first websites i loved!
Creative Bug
Great lessons on all sorts of crafty things and fantastic patterns/tutorials.
Buy handmade and also supplies. I love it!
Check out my Etsy store at Lorelei Jayne 

Sewing Pattern Review
I visit this site before i buy any pattern. the reviews and tips are awesome. You get to see items in all sizes and different colours. So happy this exists!

Sew daily
Lots of free patterns and projects, new things daily! love it!
Also of note: craft daily