More Handmade Business Do’s

But wait there’s more – this is an extension to the blog post My tips on joining the blogger and business community

Here are some handmade business do’s to keep you going and get motivated.

Stock Photos
Take some, have some taken or buy some photos you can use to edit and advertise.
Ensure they are relevant to your business subjects.

Below is my gift to you. *I’m not a professional photographer but they are pretty nice!



Advertising and marketing
Advertising is important to get your name out there. It doesn’t always have to be paid, or big or flashy. Ensure you have a banner if going to markets. Business cards and flyers too. Word of mouth works very well with handmade businesses. A letter box drop, a school fete and don’t forget to dress the kids in your handmade creations. I also tend to give handmade items as gifts when i can, it gets people talking at parties without you having to say ” hi i’m Alison and i’m a sewist” instead they say “ohh thats lovely where did you get that???”

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  1. Good pictures are a MUST for an online business! I can't tell you how many Etsy shops I've come across with pictures that just don't do their products justice. Great tips!

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