10 awesome handmade gift Ideas (with pinterest links)

I know there are a lot of great gift ideas lists but what actually makes this a good one is I’ve made them all!

All the pinterest links are included to pin for later!

Excuse some of the photo quality. They are older photos.

This bag is so much fun to make, I’ve made a few for myself and friends. The perfect bag for the weekend markets, the reversible bag by Very purple person. Pin it for later

Very purple person
Mine! love it!
My favourite sewing machine cover to make and just to look at! Every sewist should make one!
The tutorial at sew delicious is really easy to follow and the photos are devine! Pin it for later

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Sew Delicious
my version that i quilted differently and used scraps for!

I made this little birdy for a pin cushion swap! So cute any sewist would love one!
Sharon Holland Designs perfect birdie pin cushions
my very imperfect birdie pin cushion which was given as a swap gift.

This is such a great dolly bag for little girls, I made it for some second birthday gifts and the girls adored it! Pin it for later

Adorable mommy by day baby carrier bag
My cute bag, It’s drill and cotton.
These oven mitts are a great house warming gift. My sister loved hers! I love that it only took a fat quarter to make two! Pin it for later

miss mary’s awesome easter potholders
My cute cooking themed fabric ones! 

 The butter cup bag is a great bag for date nights and even suits young girls too. A great introduction to bag making!
My cute first bag! Love

I can vote for my own tutorial right? well I love my colouring book caddy! i made one for my son and he carried it everywhere for the first few days! You can find the tutorial here!
Noodle head open wide pouch. I used this has a hold all for my handbag while i was switching between the baby bag and my handbag. it was awesome! Pin for later
Noodle head open wide pouch
My version without zip tabs and a added handle.

Another one of mine is the gift card pouch! A great gift for teens who want gift cards but you want to personalise it a bit. They can put other cards in them later too! Pin it for later

Quick, easy and cute! Scrap Busting!

Makeup pouches are an awesome gift! i have all the ladies in my family one for christmas last year! The tutorial from zaaberry is fantastic and i love the shape of these cute pouches! Pin it for later

My cute Christmas pouches 
And one Extra:
Appliqué onesies are an awesome (mostly) handmade gift for baby showers and newborns. 
My lovely crochet baby onesie

I followed this tutorial to make my doily

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  1. I wish I were more talented with sewing! I love the idea of making handmade gifts for people, and these are so cute! :]

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