Free tools for Blogging that i love!

I want to tell you all of my blogging secrets! The blogging tools i use are not really my secret but they are awesome tools to make my blog easier and faster to write.


Do you want an awesome graphics making site that can be so useful for advertising or to make graphics for your site and social media? Canva is all in one! The best bit any photos or graphics that aren’t free are only $1! It’s very easy to use although can be slow at times due to popularity! It’s easy to download your work and constantly saves work while you are making your project.


I find this the easiest graphics website to create my photos for Etsy and Facebook. I love collating all the pictures and there are some really good tutorials on youtube to learn tricks like adding a watermark to photos. it’s for totally novices and if I’m tired and want no fuss i go straight to work on picmonkey!


Googledocs is a great backup for my business documents and can be used anywhere. It’s my office on the run. I also can open items on my phone. if i’m out and about i just open the document i need and i can email it too. I have it as a folder on my laptop so i can drag and drop documents fast and it will update automatically in my account. i love that it’s like open office so you don’t need to have word or excel on your computer.


Dropbox is my file sharing place and secondary back up. I use it to host and share documents on this website. I also share files or photos with friends and family. Just like Googledocs i have a folder i can  i can drag and drop any file and it automatically updates my account.

Facebook groups

My Facebook groups are my link to my customers, other sewists, blog readers and sponsors. They always link me to the latest sewing trends, new sewing patterns and all the pretty fabric! Without them i would be lost! Finding inspiring ideas and topics constantly is hard to do but speaking with others who have the same passions can reignite the feeling that make you passionate about your craft. seeing their creations is inspiring too! – the chrome extension and app is amazing at keeping me organised on the go. It’s so simple and it works so well for me. I can put in my tasks and projects for the week and it’s on my browser and my phone. It updates my tasks instantly. If i think of an idea i can just add it to my lists quickly.

7 thoughts on “Free tools for Blogging that i love!

  1. Thanks for posting this! 😀 I've never heard of, but will have to check that out! I've also been meaning to check out canva since I hear lots of good things about it.

    Googledocs runs my life. <3

  2. I agree, Facebook groups are so important! I don't use Canva and Picmonkey cause I have Photoshop, but I have heard good things about Picmonkey!

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