Where does my blog belong?


We ask where do we fit, in real life and i have started to ask that of myself online.
I feel like i fit here in this corner somewhat by myself. I’m not sure if it’s a good or bad thing yet.

As my views slowly rise and I’m learning more about writing and blogging i see that there are different groups of bloggers the fashion bloggers, mummy bloggers, food bloggers and travel bloggers. They all have to find some way that sets them apart. With some i really can’t tell any point of difference especially some of the fashion blogs.


I’ll be the first to admit I’m not fashionable, fashion forward or fashion conscious. I dress like a dag. I am actually a dag… But i know what i like and what i don’t (hey, that’s something) People think because i sew i should like fashion. NOPE. I have very little interest in going to school to learn to sew fashion, I wish i could go to school to learn to sew, create and style just accessories (which i adore) but “they” don’t allow you to do that. Just Fashion textiles or manufacturing. (bit of a rant sorry)

Mummy bloggers, I feel like i have a toe in there! I’m a mummy, I sew kids clothes (a lot), I think kids and babies are cute. However i have no urge to discuss everything about them or my journey through motherhood. I do enjoy reading others and nodding or crying or wanting to reach though my laptop and give them a big hug!

Food well i do enjoy eating and have thought about adding a recipe or two to this blog but i would more often than not forget to take a photo before eating the wonderful food i make or get served.
And then there’s travel. Oh please two kids and my fabric habit means i’m not leaving the state let alone the country.

So i fit here with my crafty bloggers and business bloggers. Somewhere in between. Enjoying my time, learning, writing and trying my best. and one thing I’ve learnt while writing this post is not to care what other people are blogging about too much because this blog is pretty awesome!