How to use Pinterest to find blog post ideas

I brainstorm a lot (more than i post!) and i have a bunch of ideas for blog posts.Brainstorming can really help a blogger figure out all the blog posts you can really get into writing and that will get viewers to your blog.

One way i love to help my brainstorming is to use pinterest. If you have a business account on pinterest you can look at your analytics and find out which of your boards have the most followers and impressions.

Lorelei Jayne Blog Brainstorming with pinterest
Lorelei Jayne Blog Brainstorming with pinterest

If you don’t have a business account you can still find this out by going to your boards and clicking on the board to find out how many followers you have for that board. Another hint is that usually the higher amount of pins the higher number of followers you will have on the board.

Lorelei Jayne Blog Brainstorming with pinterest

Once you have those top 5 boards write them down as headings and write what kind of pins you pin to that board. under this Write your blog ideas before compiling them on your editorial list or blog ideas list. This is the time NOT to get distracted by all your pretty pins!

My top pinterest boards. (This does change)


To create
These are quick little project DIY, craft and sewing that i pin to do… i always go here if i’m looking for something to make.
Ideas: From here you can see what your followers love too. and Base your ideas around these. I know my followers love sewing, crafting, creating so will love tutorials and how to’s. They love quick and easy items, things for gifts, things for the home!

Sew me
Clothing patterns for myself, some fashion items i want to learn how to sew. from tops, skirts to scarves and accessories
Ideas: Something i’m sewing for myself or review of a pattern i bought for myself. what top or skirt patterns i love and why. Adult fabrics, handmade accessories, how to make your handmade look less fashion forward.

Sew Kids
Anything i want to sew for kids. mainly clothes and accessories but not Toys.
Ideas: People love sewing anything for their kids! it’s easy kid gifts and Dress ups. Tutorials, what to sew for gifts, differen’t themes, top 10’s.

Sewing room
sewing room ideas, dream craft areas and awesome organisation ideas for craft spaces.
Ideas: people love sneak peaks at your home office/sewing room. I could do sewing room basics, setting up a sewing room, DIY sewing room furniture, Machines and other hardware reviews.

Anything blogging related.
Ideas: well i got the idea for this blog! top 10’s, blog planners, staying organised, how often should you blog, blogging platforms.

This is a way to get your brain thinking about endless blog ideas. It really works for me!

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13 thoughts on “How to use Pinterest to find blog post ideas

  1. hehehe, not getting distracted by pretty pins is gonna be monumentally difficult, but pinterest is definitely awesome for blogging inspiration! :]

  2. So difficult! I may have been distracted a number of times while writing this blog post!

  3. I love Pinterest! The #1 way I use it is for brainstorming and getting inspiration for creative projects and blogging. I love their secret boards, too. That way your followers don't know what you will blog about before it goes live! 🙂

  4. Love this post. I really need to spend more time looking at my analytics. I am working on my 2015 Editorial calendar right now so this is right on time. Thank you.

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