Patterns i love – Hobo Bag by Sweet Pea Totes

I bought this fabric knowing that it would make the perfect bag and perhaps some harem pants too!. I’ve had the Hobo bag pattern by sweet pea totes since September and had no time to make it.

I just adore the look of it and it’s also totally suitable for beginners! It only took me a few hours from start to finish!

I hate having to cut out many pieces that you do for bags but it’s worth it for the great look of this bag!

I used fusible fleece interfacing not flannel. I also used medium interfacing on the inner piece of the flap and fusible fleece interfacing on the outer fabric piece of the flap. It makes it soft and functional and matched the feel of the rest of the bag.

When it came time to do the strap i didn’t have a slider so i didn’t make it adjustable. but i loved the look of the metal bit on the strap so i followed the instructions and then cut the fabric piece for the slider set in half and put 2 D rings on each side. it gives it more of a professional look.

To make the strap i folded down each short side instead of just one as it states and I also didn’t attach the large strap until i had finished my bag. Then i attached each end to the D rings. I did it this way because knowing me i would sew over it!


I love this bag so much. I’m very proud of it and will use it every weekend for the markets and general shopping.

Check out Sweet Pea totes on Etsy for her patterns or ready made bags. They are awesome and i’m sure i will be buying a few more bag patterns next year!