Remake a toddler pillowcase into cushion cover.

Cushion cover tutorial

I know at my baby shower i got lots of cot sheet sets and they include a toddler pillowcase.

By the time my son was old enough to use a pillow he was out of the cot and in a big boy bed and then we had bedding to match the new bed.

The same has happened with my sister and her baby girl. Lots of cot sets! But this one she loves the most with these little birds on it. She said she would love a new cushion that matched her sheet set! I just asked if it came with a pillowcase and said no worries!

For this quick easy project you will need:

A toddler pillowcase (or bigger) the one i had was 16″ x 22.5″

A cushion inner (mines 14″ x 14″)

Seam ripper and scissors or rotary cutter

Sewing machine, thread and ruler

How to turn a toddler pillowcase into a cushion cover Lorelei jayne

First we need to take apart ย the pillowcase. The one i have is not all the same colour so it’s less fabric to work with. but it had an extra bit folded over on one of the sides. I unpicked that part to use. Carefully use a rotary cutter or scissors to cut around the seams. You could unpick all the seams if you have the time for extra fabric.

cushion cover DIY lorelei jayne

Once you have your fabric from your pillowcase you will need 2 pieces.

The front will be 1″ bigger than your cushion on all 4 sides.

My front piece was 15″ x 15″

Then the back piece (pieces) is 1″ bigger on the sides and + 6″ on the long side
Mine was 15″ x 21″ (see about being careful to de construct the pillowcase!)

Take this long piece and cut it down the short centre. Now you have two back pieces.
mine measured 15″ x 11″ (Math yay!)
How to turn a toddler pillowcase into a cushion cover

Hem the inner sides by folding 1/2″ then again 1/2″.I think this gives a really professional look!

Lorelei Jayne DIY Cushion from pillowcase

Lay the front and the back pieces right sides together with the hemmed parts towards the centre overlapping. At this point if using a directional fabric like me, ensure the design is running the same way.

Pin and sew all around the square, if you think you will be washing the cushion case (baby/kids = yes) overlock or zig zag the edges.

pillowcase to cushion tutorial lorelei jayne

Turn right side out and push out the corners, Insert your pillow!

pillowcase to cushion cover tutorial DIY Lorelei Jayne

I loved doing this quick and easy project and now plan to make some for me!

You could easily add a monogram or fabric flowers!to the front piece before sewing it all together,

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  1. The pillowcase was cute but the cushion is absolutely adorable! What a great way to reuse them! I'll be pinning this to my crafts board ๐Ÿ™‚

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