December Creations January Goals!

December was a big month for Lorelei Jayne with the relaunch of my little girl bag tutorial! I have adored seeing your little girl bags on Facebook! Be sure to #littlegirlbag or tag Loreleijayne on twitter or instagram.
 I was also super busy organising our blog planner printable, custom orders and a little bit of selfish sewing.  Christmas was full on too, with all of the holiday parties! It was a crazy month.

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I was lucky to sew a lot of items and try new patterns and techniques. I enjoyed learning and other peoples appreciation of the items i made for them.
Here’s some of my favourite items i created in December 2014
Orange and Pink Vintie dress – Pattern by Tadah Patterns
Lorelei Jayne Vintie dress
You know how much i love this dress pattern! When i got this fabric from my mother in law, i had no clue what i would do with it and it just seemed so bright! It’s still bright as a dress, but with the pink it calms it a tiny bit. Plus kids love bright!
My first Hummingbird Dress – Pattern by Rabbit Rabbit Creations
cute hummingbird dress by Lorelei jayne
Such an easy dress to make, well fitting, fun, lots of styles. I’m not that proud of this first one as i don’t like a line style on little girls, lets face it a girl needs to twirl! All the ones i make in future will be the dress up style. For the first one I wanted to try it out with out using too much fabric. It’s adorable.
Harem Pants – Pattern by Pattern Emporium
Harem Pants Lorelei Jayne
I just knew this fabric had to be made into harems, They are so beautiful! I took my time with these and enjoyed working on my last bigish project with this fabric! It’s sold out at my local store but it’s called What a Gem! If you find some, make something stunning!
My Hobo bag – Pattern by Sweet Pea Totes
Hobo Bag Lorelei Jayne
I love making this bag. I have made one more since this one and it’s so much fun and a pretty easy bag to create. check out my post about it
Christmas shorts – Pattern is the inside or out pocket shorts by Fishstick Designs
These were a custom item for a customer to wear to meet Santa with a matching tie!
 They are the best fitting shorts and he looked so adorable.
I love that the pockets really stand out! These are a size 5.

January Goals

My goals for January are being mostly met! I’m using my Goal planner printable, organising the release of my first pattern on Etsy, sewing for showcases and preparing for markets.
I am really excited about all of the things i have coming up on the blog and i’m working hard, learning a lot and trying a lot of new things.
There are lots of things to look forward to this year. My son starts school so you can look forward to a back to school series! I plan to do a lot more selfish sewing and really want to make a good dress or two this year!
I find January is a planning and goal setting month. I’m trying to really focus on what works and forget what doesn’t. Enjoy this process of learning, exploring and writing too!
I’m making very small changes to this blog too. Small tweaks that i’ve put off for a while due to lack of time. It makes me so happy to see it looking so cute and pretty as well as being functional.
One of the biggest things this month is i’m realising that i can’t do it all but if i want to do as much as possible i need to be extremely organised. With my daily blog check list, blog planner, goal planner and daily diary i don’t think i could be any more organised!
Let’s see what January brings!