Goal Setting with Printable

This year, I’ve decided is the year I need to set some clear goals with my business, life and, of course this blog. There are a lot of things I want to achieve and due to time constraints I really have to be organised to achieve them.

One way I believe I can achieve the goals I want is to write them all down and also to be accountable for each task. Part of the accountability is to you, my readers and to my family, the ones supporting me with love and finances.

Goal setting is not easy for me; I am a bit of a quitter… (Not quilter) I get busy and forgetful and unless I really want something I can quit. This is one of the things I need to really work on! I remind myself nothing good ever comes easy! (Except winning lotto and that ain’t going to happen!)

So here’s what I know about goal setting:

Be specific. What, when, why and who.
Is it measurable? e.g. I want to have 100,000 readers by December (haha as if)
As above is it attainable? (Lets be honest here!)
Is your goal working towards the bigger picture too? Is it really worthwhile? I consider this question the most when goal setting. I could do so many things but does it really fit in? is it relevant?
Give yourself a due date, a start time, a time to check in with how your goals are going and if you are on track?
I’ve created a printable to help you and me be better at setting and tracking our goals. We can do this!
Goal setting Printable
I hope this helps us all achieve our 2015 goals!
Leave me a comment and tell me how your headed to your goals!

5 thoughts on “Goal Setting with Printable

  1. Great post! What I do to help me accomplish my goal is to break them down by month or weeks (depending on the goal). This helps me to keep motivated and achieve them. As far as your goal I think you can do it! 😉

  2. This is a great printable! I'm going to add it to my blog planner tonight, thanks!

    xx Amanda | teatimetails.com

  3. Thanks for the awesome printable! Definitely need something list this in my life this year 😀

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