My Inexpensive hardware store pattern weights.

When I first started sewing I just thought everyone used pins but I soon came to find (thanks pinterest) that a lot of sewists use pattern weights!
They are quite expensive to buy but lucky for us there are lots of tutorials and tips to make your own.
I’m going to add one to the pile.
washer pattern weights
old pattern weights
These are my old pattern weights, which I will still use by the way.
Easy Pattern weights
Mending plate and finished weight
They are washers with ribbon or fabric hot glued to them. I watched The Crafty Gemini’s tutorial and they are fantastic but when I went to my hardware store to get more washers I couldn’t find the big ones!
So I went down the aisle with the brackets and braces for building shelving and furniture I guess. I found these inch by five inch mending plates, the perfect weight. They came in two thicknesses I just got the thicker one because it makes it easier to handle in a hurry and they were about $1.50c each, not to expensive!


use a a bracket for a pattern weight
tools for the job!
I like the industrial look but not for my sewing room. So I made a cover for them with scraps.
The strip of fabric is 3 inches by about 6 inches with a ¼” seam allowance. Sew along the bottom and the side right sides together leaving the top open. Turn right side out ( I have a magic tube turn tool thingie!). Put your weight in the tube and turn in the top at top stitch at 1/8”
Easy pattern weights for $1
finished pattern weights
Please excuse the thread colour and the uneven cutting/sewing. I wasn’t really trying that hard with these!
NOTE: be very careful not to sew over the weight!
I’d love to see your pattern weights please leave a comment and link in the comments!
I’d love to see your pattern weights please leave a comment and link in the comments!