Paper Pieced Pencil Case – Back to School Series

paper pieced pencil case
This paper pieced pencil case (try saying that 10 times) isn’t for my son.
This is for me!
I’ll use it to hold my crochet hooks instead of pencils. it is designed it for pencils!
Paper Pieced and quilted pencil case sewing tutorial
It’s so adorable and this fabric! I have the whole collection it’s called what a Gem.
Lets get this tutorial started!
It’s paper piecing at it’s easiest. You can download the pattern HERE
You’ll need fabric scraps for the top
batting or fusible fleece 5.5″ x 10.5″
1 piece of outer fabric (the back) 5.5″ x 10.5″
2 pieces of lining 5.5″ x 10.5″
1 zipper 12″ or longer
Print out the pattern at 100% no zoom
Paper piece the top starting on one of the middle lines.
You do this by placing the first piece right side up and the second piece right side down (right sides together) to that at least the seam allowance is over the line and pin or hold to the paper
Turn over the paper and stitch on the line
Easy paper piecing
Fold the paper on the line and trim the seam allowance.
cut the seam allowance - loreleijayne
Press the fabric open, work on the next line. until you finish all the lines.
Press well and trim around the piece and remove the paper.
easy paper piecing pencil case
pencil case
Fuse the fleece/batting on to the back of the piece.
 I only put the fleece/batting on the this front piece.
You could put a piece it on the back and quilt the back too.

Quilt it any way you want. I just followed the seams and did 1/8″ on either side.
quilted pencil case
Attach the zip by putting the zip pull side down on the right side top edge and placing a lining piece
 on top, sew down the side of the zip.
I always use a larger zip because i hate sewing around the zipper pull.
add a zip
The only difference is i always use longer zips so i don’t have to sew with them open or stop to go around the zipper pull. I just sew straight down.
easy zipper
This is what the back of the top looks like attached to the zip (i know that my lining is too big i evened it out after :P)
Press open and top stitch away from the zip
top stitch zipped pencil case


Attach the back and lining the same way.
Press and top stitch
opened up pencil case lorelei jayne
This is to show you how it should look now.
unzip the zip to the centre (this will help with turning)
Also face the zipper teeth towards the lining, it will make it sit better.
Now put the 2 lining pieces together right sides together and the front and back pieces together
Pin all around leaving a turning hole on the lining side (indicated with pins)


Pin pencil case - lorelei jayne
Stitch all around leaving the hole.
When you sew over the zip go over it a few times to secure it.
 sewn pencil case
Trim the corners and the zip ends. (I trimmed so it was even too)
lorelei jayne
This is what the back looks like.


Easy pencil case - lorelei jayne
Pull the pouch through the lining, unzip the pouch as you do this.
pencil case - lorelei jayne
Stitch up the lining hole with a edge stitch or you could hand stitch too.


Adorable paper pieced pencil case quilted
It’s done! it’s so darn cute!

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