Small Business Risks – when to take them and not.

I’ve taken some risks and it hasn’t always turned out well.
Some risks have paid off and some have cost me time, money and a bit of my ego.


Recently i got asked to be apart of two websites run by two different people (companies) and i was really excited! Neither was launched yet.
The first wanted payment first for advertising on the site with direct sales, which i paid. The launch date got pushed further and further back. My pictures were used without attributing them to me. This worried me. It’s was becoming a bad risk.
I asked for my money back politely and i was surprised when i received it back!
Now the other website I was more careful about. I asked a lot more questions.
At first the package was about wholesale, i would sell them my items at wholesale prices, Great! I packaged a great deal! it was rejected. Then they would make the sale and i would post the products straight to the buyer. Well is that wholesale? I’m doing the run around, photos, packaging, posting. I need to put the Price up. Rejected. Then the company want me to send the products… without payment…  No.
If i was going to give one piece of advice to handmade businesses.
ALWAYS GET PAYMENT FIRST (full or deposit).
Always no matter how uncomfortable it makes you feel, discuss terms and payment. You deserve to Find a sponsor for your web site. Get paid for your work.  I have sent items without being paid first and it has ended badly.

So i said at this time i would not be able to go forward however i would keep the wholesale price the same for them and would like to follow and support their business and website as much as i can at this time. (and i really do!)
You see for me and a lot of other small businesses with handmade items it really isn’t a small outlay. It’s my product and my design so i do have a lot lose if someone steals the physical item, the design. It’s my logo, name and reputation.
The thing with these risks is I’m more inclined to take them if others are willing to take some of the risk too.
This is not to say these sites won’t be highly successful, I hope they will! I need to make decisions that are smart for my business and my time.

When given these opportunities just like any decision you have to look at the pros, cons and big picture.
I really hope this has helped you.