10 blogging mistakes and how to fix them.

I’m an avid blog reader and i really try hard not to do these 10 things on my blog.
The best thing is that these are so easy to fix!
10 blogging mistakes and how to fix them - Lorelei Jayne


Lost links

A 404 error message on a main links or actually any links can be very annoying!
The only saviour is when blogs have a cute personalised 404 message! Make a custom one for your blog and include quick links back to the pages that are most popular.

customise you 404 page easily - lorelei Jayne
This is my 404 page

learn how to make one for your blog on Blogger

Learn how to make on for your blog on WordPress

Private Social Media.

Don’t set the social media to private if it’s advertised on your blog.
Why bother to advertise a social media link if it’s private?
If you want a private one then totally have a private one. If you want to advertise and use social media for your blog and business ensure it’s easily accessible, people can follow you and add you without you authorising them.
If you have it to authorised only, it’s more work for you. Invite trust from your readers.

Cluttered sidebars, title bars and overall blog

Everything is everywhere, ads are all over the place, buttons for too many linky parties, groups and i’m just overloaded with non content! Less can be more but more can never be good.
Great blogs are organised, and visually appealing and easy to navigate.

Don’t disappear from you blog.

I have seen so many blogs that i have read about in magazines or from pinterest pins, that look great in the ads, I go to them and the first post is 6 months old. Oh No… Where did you go?
If you take a break have the last post on your site telling people when you’ll be back. or schedule posts so your still posting on your site 1-2 days a week.Also don’t disappear from social media too. Automate it. Even big blogs disappear from social media and i’m sure it hurts them. One large blog that i read often was gone for 5 months! That’s advertising and readers gone! People like to be informed. If you need a break let your readers (your community) know! Let them give you support and encouragement too!

Coming soon…

This page is coming soon… really? why is it coming soon and not here? if it’s not live don’t put it on your blog. This annoys me so much. I won’t remember to come back!


An unresponsive blog

It’s too big for any screen and looks silly on my mobile phone!
I haven’t seen too many badly responsive designs as everyone is getting better at this! To check if your blog can be seen on any size screen check out responsive design checker

Confusing Links 

This one is big because you want people to stay on your blog and return!
You want links that will take you where you think they will.
I went to a sewing/craft blog the other day and clicked tutorials. I always expect when i click tutorials it will then take me to another page that gives me a list or a guide where i can find the tutorials. Not this site. It took me to all the posts labelled tutorial. Not all were tutorials and they were just blog posts down the page i would have to scroll through to find what i was looking for!I then went to search for the tutorial in the search bar. It didn’t come up.
I gave up (sad face), I left that site and probably won’t visit again.
Wall of Text

Nothing makes me not read a blog post more than if it’s a big block of text with no photos and nothing else to grab my interest.
Do i have 15 minutes to read 1 blog post… No! I’m a skim reader unless it’s something i really want to read about. A good picture really does speak many many words!

No Freebies? WHAT!

What! I get nothing extra for visiting your blog, No printable’s? No recipes? No awesome secret tips!
Seriously these things get people in and get them to return time and time again.
If you want to make some available to everyone and some only available to subscribers that’s fine. Which ever way you want to do it. Give them some free stuff!
Even sewing pattern designers, just have 1 freebie pattern you will get a lot more visitors and in turn talk will turn to buying of your other patterns!

Don’t steal

Don’t copy and paste, Credit all photos, influences and ideas if they are not your own.
As my son says sharing is caring. Share the love don’t rip it away from someone.
I don’t see other bloggers as competition. We all have our little space to fill. Yes we overlap but we are all awesome. There are some that will not like you, or anyone for that matter. Thats OK.
Don’t be an island! get out there and enjoy the words, thoughts, ideas and pretty things on blogs.
I really hope this helps some of the bloggers out there! I know i have some wacky ideas about blogging and writing. I like to write however i love to create.
I find writing really challenging at times. Usually this is because when i write freely i think it’s great and then i edit, edit and then edit some more and i end up disliking it.
This post I’m not going to edit so much. Sometimes OK is good enough.