Easy Kid Pockets for T-shirts – Scrap Busting!

Plain t-shirts are so inexpensive but so boring. As my boys get older they don’t always want an appliqué on their shirt. Also for some reason they just love pockets!
I had a few t-shirts to jazz up and i love the look of  different fabric pockets.
The reason i like doing pockets this way is because i hate ironing and folding. With doing pockets this way you can also do cute applique on them or use fusible fleece to make puffy pockets!
Easy Kids pocket tutorial - www.loreleijayne
You’ll need
The pattern piece of your choice
fabric scraps
Sewing machine and thread.
Click here or the picture below to download the PDF.
Easy kid pockets lorelei Jayne
Cut 2 pieces of fabric to your chosen pattern piece.
Easy kids pockets - Lorelei Jayne
With right sides together sew around the pieces using a 1/4″ seam allowance leaving a 1 1/2″ turning hole on the side.
easy kids pockets - Lorelei Jayne
Clip the corners.

Turn right side out and ensure the points are pushed out. Press well.
Top stitch the top of the pocket (optional) i did two rows on this one.
Easy kids pockets
Attach your pocket to your t-shirt with a 1/8″ seam ensuring you back stitch at the start and finish.
If you have a rough and tumble kid like my youngest you can go over the stitching a second time or or do a triple stitch!
Kids pocket tutorial on Lorelei Jayne.com
An adorable toddler t-shirt with a pocket!
Easy kids pockets tutorial on LoreleiJayne.com
This is my oldest in the blue version of this. I used a triple stitch to attach it!
Another suggestion is making bias tape out of the same fabric that you used on the pocket and attaching it around the sleeves.

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