Why Blog?

Information makes the world go round. Everyone needs a starting point, information, and a guide.
We are information seekers.We as humans learn from others constantly, your mistakes, your highs and lows are all learning for yourself however if you wanted them to be, they can be a lesson for others too.

why blog? - Lorelei  Jayne
 Any information you have to give know that there is a space for you out there! Communities, groups, forums. There’s someone out there wanting, searching for the information you have to give.
And this is why i love blogs and blogging.
Blogs are like a mini biography of someone’s life. an insight.
I’m so happy when i find other blogs that i relate to and enjoy.
You can just blog for yourself or invite others to share your stories, comment and make some money.

In my opinion there are 3 types of blogs
Personal, business and hobby


Your personal story for yourself. You may or may not allow comments but your writing, just for you.


This is your job or that’s what your working towards, It’s monetized, it’s SEO ready, it’s back linked and it’s serious!


Hobby bloggers love to write, they write about what they love, they are making a bit of extra money and they care a bit but not obsessed.
I totally think they can all overlap and get mixed around when you look at numbers or throw your hands up in the air and say why bother.
Now STOP over thinking it.
This week i thought, geez you’ve done a lot of freebies and tutorials lately…
Why don’t you write something personal?
Sometimes i think about numbers too much and how to get you all to like me!
I over edit, over think it and then i get the “business” like in my writing (i think)
At the end of the day i can’t stop blogging. I love it! It’s therapy to write, and fun to put it all out there!