BG Bag Optional Extras Free Download

After releasing my latest pattern the BG (Big Girl) Bag i have had a bit of reflection time.
I’ve been using the time to set some goals, make some plans and sew up a bunch of new patterns.
I have spent way to much money on patterns actually, but i’ll save that for a different post.
My lovely BG bag testers had a lot of very cool ideas for added extras to the BG Bag pattern.
They encouraged me to make an added extras PDF pattern and instructions.
I did! And I attached it to the purchase file on Etsy and Craftsy.
It contains the pattern and instructions for a pleated pocket and D-ring strap for the bags.
It is an added extra that can really be used on most bags and it’s just handy!
So i’ve decided i will offer it here for my readers!
If you click on the image below you can get it too!
BG (Big Girl) Bag sewing pattern extra options
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