In love with fabric April 2015

I’ve noticed a lot of my readers like when i tell them about awesome fabric.
This is what i’ve spotted in the last few weeks and what i’ll be trying to buy or just looking at lovingly over the next few months!
All links below are to
I’m not affiliated with them but they have a great range!
I’ve used this fabric in my BG bag pattern
A cloud 9 fabrics called Koi the way of the flowers by Rashida Coleman-hale.
Fabulous fabric - Lorelei Jayne
It is absolutely stunning i love the colours and the dragonfly’s you almost miss!
My prediction for the favourites of home sewists in the Australian Winter/American Summer is:
Unicorns, Mermaids and woodland themes.



One of the collections i am inlove with is Sara Lawson’s Fantasia
Fabulous fabric - Lorelei Jayne
Fabulous fabric - Lorelei Jayne
Every season i go through colours i like more than others. This Season pinks are standing out to me on Grays. Actually now i’m looking at these fabrics i’m seeing something! PINK!
 Deco Park in Grey, Natural Wonder by Josephine Kimberling
Fabulous fabric - Lorelei Jayne
Another colour i notice is the light/mint green in Deco Park and Koi
This colour is really popular at the moment, for background and focus points.
The woodland themes are still in however being done a bit different with more designers doing “grown up” versions.
Fabulous fabric - Lorelei Jayne
Fabulous fabric - Lorelei Jayne
I think the arrows, camping, feathers and native indian themes and clouds are still popular!
Dream Catchers in Cream – Under the stars
Fabulous fabric - Lorelei Jayne
Feathers in Cream Under the stars
Fabulous fabric - Lorelei Jayne
In the Geometrics which is still very popular!
I love Michael Miller Rhombus in Yellow – Princess Charming.
Fabulous fabric - Lorelei Jayne
Camelot Cottons also have so many great geometrics!
It’s so hard to choose one i like more than others.
But i love this Ogee in Mint (see mint!)
Fabulous fabric - Lorelei Jayne
I could really write 10 posts about what fabrics i like at the moment.
There are also so many licensed fabrics that i would love own too!
 I’ve got some Olaf fabric coming for my 2 years old son who is obsessed with frozen.
I hope this gets you exploring the newest fabrics! i would love to see your most loved fabrics at the moment too! Let me know on twitter or Instagram!


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