New Pattern Spree – March Creations

Since going to PDF sewing patterns from paper patterns i haven’t really looked back!
I still buy the occasional paper pattern but i have a huge amount of PDF patterns.
I’m always careful to check my files before purchasing a new one as i might already have it!
Here are a few of my favourites i have bought recently made last month.
Nappy Cover – Tadah Patterns
knotted headband pattern – Rabbit Rabbit Creations 
Angie by Sis Bloom
I made my first dress for myself…
I know, weird that it’s taken so long but i never found a pattern i liked that was easy and fast.
This is a fantastic pattern! I made 2 muslins of the bodice and went with the bigger one however i didn’t really account for the stretch in the fabric so i will make the smaller size next time.
I have had this fabric in my stash for a long time and i didn’t have a huge amount so i pieced the back skirt piece together and it’s shorter than i would have liked.
My sister has already put her order in for one too!


I’ve been going crazy with my new snap machine and making a bunch of playsuits.
Darling playsuit – Tadah Patterns
I bought this pattern before the seaside playsuit and it is so adorable, easy and a quick sew!
This one is a 0000!
Seaside playsuit – Tadah patterns
This playsuit actually sold very fast! it’s so cute! i made a few more in other fabrics for markets.
I have so much more to sew this month as i have another market on Sunday. I’ve had a bit of a fall and have been recovering today. Back to it tomorrow!
If your looking for a new pattern to try check out my patterns on Craftsy! I’m keeping them at the lower price for another week!


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