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Secret Pocket
I’m so excited to introduce this awesome tutorial!
Beverley from Beverley Power Handmade has made her second completely reversible BG bag and it has a secret pocket!
I thought it was such an amazing and inventive idea that i had to get her to write this tutorial!
Check out Beverley’s page here and follow her on Instagram here!

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You’ll need the BG Bag Pattern which you can get from Etsy or Craftsy
BG Bag – Secret Pocket!
When I received the BG Bag to pattern test, the only thing that I thought it needed was a pocket.  However, the BG Bag pattern was designed to be reversible, so a pocket needed to be hidden, if it was to be useful regardless of which way out the bag was used.
So, I decided that the easiest way to include a pocket would be to include it in the seam.
It also meant that I had a great excuse to make another BG Bag from some very pretty fabrics!
Follow the instructions for the BG Bag as written.
When you cut and fuse your bag pieces, you will also need to cut and fuse a pocket piece.
Mine is approximately 8” x 14”.
This is my pocket piece, fused with SF101 interfacing.
Secret pocket tutorial - lorelei jayne
BG bag - secret pocket sewing tutorial
Find the centre of your main panel and top panel.
I used a frixion pen to mark the centre on the reverse side (interfacing).
I like these pens, as I know that it will (usually) iron off.
secret pocket sewing tutorial
Find the centre of pocket panel (short side) and pin it to the main panel – right sides together.
Sew along the top, using the same seam allowance as stated in the BG Bag pattern.
Repeat this with the top panel – find the centre, pin it right sides together and sew.
Your assembled pieces should look like this.
secret pocket sewing tutorial - lorelei jayne
Sew the pocket together.
sew tutorial - secret pocket

Pin the main bag panel and sew each “L” shape, using the same seam allowance stated in the pattern.
secret pocket sewing tutorial for BG bag
The pocket is finished.
BG bag secret pocket
Press the bag panel.
finished secret pocket for BG bag
Unfold the main panel and pocket, then press so that they are nice and flat.
N.B. My seam has been pressed towards the main panel.
You can still top stitch along the top panel as per the pattern, but I chose not to for this one.
Attaching the snap – I have a snap press, so have used this to attach my snap.
I inserted one snap in between the two folds of the front pleat.
I then used the pointy end of the snap to mark when the other one should go (I then drew a dot using my pen – the dot won’t be seen, once the snap is in place.)
You could also use press-studs, a magnetic closure or Velcro for you pocket closure.
Finished pocket open.
secret pocket sewing tutorial for the BG bag on
Finished pocket closed
BG bag secret pocket sewing detail
Continue assembling the bag as per the pattern instructions.
The bag is finished!
BG Bag Sewing pattern Lorelei Jayne - Beverley power handmade
I adjusted the straps a little, but otherwise I followed the pattern.
I love this pretty fabric!
– Beverley.
Isn’t that such a great idea! Well done Beverley, i love your new bag!
Check out Beverley Power Handmade as she has so many beautiful items for sale including BG Bags and does custom orders too.
Seeing others BG Bags has made my heart swell with pride!
Check out all of the tutorials on the tutorials page and all my patterns on Craftsy

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