Handbags, Fashion and Me

I am not really fashionable at all. I’m a dag (aussie slang) really and just wear what i can afford, is comfortable and suitable for the occasion. I don’t spend hundreds on ANYTHING. Including shoes and handbags. I do like to look good but rarely am i the best dressed in the room.

I don’t own anything designer that wasn’t bought from an opshop. I consider myself somewhat frugal.

I recently wore a handmade dress to a wedding and felt very comfortable. I don’t tend to spend a lot on clothes and still get some hand me downs from my twin sister.

Handmade dress for wedding

For handbags especially I prefer quality over amount spent. I prefer Handmade over Factory made. I’m not saying i don’t buy factory made too however i am buying a lot less these days.

Handmade can be expensive and i hear you, at least i can make my own bags.

I really implore you look at some handmade bags and look at the quality. The handmade bags I’m seeing online are amazing! Some are down right works of art!

A few Handbag creators that really stand out for me with quality and beauty are:

Melisa Jane

Diedelbug Handmade

Cloud Rabbit Designs

I really love looking at handmade handbags on Etsy and madeit. Seeing what fabrics creators are using and what designs are selling really inspires me.

I’m really enjoying designing handbags and handbag sewing patterns, I enjoy the process of it.
I’m very much an ideas person and really like seeing my ideas finished and people enjoying making and using my bags. It really is the most amazing feeling seeing someone make your bag and say they enjoyed it.

I don’t sew with leather or vinyl and probably should give it a go! I don’t believe i’m the best handbag maker or designer. I just love what i do and believe in it. It’s a true passion.

I can’t wait to make all my ideas a reality, to create what i dream of. Please enjoy looking at them and may bag makers really love making them!

Thanks for reading and supporting my passion i really appreciate it.

BG Bag sewing PatterTech Pouch Sewing pattern

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