My Blogger to WordPress Experience.

My move from blogger to wordpress was not a move that i took lightly. I had a view to do it from the beginning of my blog if it had become somewhat of an income maker. I researched hosts and decided on Hostgator which i’m very thankful for because i had to use their live chat!

The move started off well went well to begin with. I already had the domain so i needed to organise the subdomain and point to that. I created my wordpress site on the subdomain first so the site would not have too much down time.

my switching to wordpress adventure - lorelei Jayne

The theme was sorted, the plugins. all the extra bits, links, permalinks.
I started to use the blogger import plugin.
Clicked Import…. Nothing happened. What! i thought this would be easy! I could cry!
I actually put my head in my hands. Don’t you dare Internets!

Yep i found out google changed their authorisation stuff and wordpress updated and then the blogger importer wouldn’t work.

And…i wanted to throw my computer on the floor and stomp on it. But i took a deep breath and went to bed.

And then I found out another pluggin works! called Blogger Importer Extended. thank goodness..

I actually thought my biggest issue would be getting my content onto my site! WRONG!

Moving my site from my subdomain to my home domain was the hardest and i actually lost my site (cue tears)  for a few hours. Hostgator got it back for me and then i decided to try again and that failed. So i finally got someone on to do it for me and it took him 10 minutes.

I’m still fixing things, broken links and other bits and pieces to make it look like i want it to look.

I am not ruling out getting a new template and look. But for now i’m starting with a free one. It’s actually the easiest to customise that i have seen from the free templates and i’m happy with it.

I learnt a lot from moving over and i am glad i have. However if i had to do it again i would pay someone to do it all for me so i didn’t have to stress so much!

You should either spend time or money not both and always ask for help if you need it!

Now I really need to take a break from the computer and get back to my (huge) sewing pile!

I’m very excited to show you a new awesome tutorial on Monday! Check out my instagram to see whats coming!

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