My Sewing Pattern Designing Process

As you can tell by now i love designing sewing patterns and tutorials.

I’ve been wanting to tell you all about my designing process. Hopefully it give you some inspiration to get designing.

I love handbags and I’m a watcher of people as they carry bags.

What fascinates me is what bags people like and use, what purpose they have and why people chose the bags they wear. I love looking at the fabrics used in different types of bags and why people love those fabrics for bags.

sewing pattern designing - lorelei Jayne

My mum is a bit the same as me and we can spend a good 30 minutes in a bag store discussing which bags we love and why. We must drive the sales ladies crazy because we rarely buy bags but just go to look!

My designs usually start with a need. I’ll want a specific type of bag for myself, a friend says they wish they could find a bag to suit a purpose.

Occasionally i will sit down when i’m by myself and badly draw a bunch of bags i have been thinking about, however i usually end up changing these significantly.

When i have one idea i can’t get out of my head until it’s made I draw it and i write notes all over the page.

I write techniques, fabrics, notions, style and uses for the bag.

I usually draw it from the front view and from the back view, and draw any interesting features.

Sometimes i do 3 or 4 pages of drawing and writing before going to my sewing room and getting out a measuring tape, ruler, craft paper and pencil.

I need to really concentrate and not be distracted when I draw up a pattern which usually happens quickly.

Notes are written on the pattern and taken it back and forth to my computer with any changes.

I then sew up my first draft. This is usually very badly sewn, rushed and a basic look at dimensions. I use scraps or calico. It always ends up in the bin! After the first draft  i take the pattern pieces, notes and my first draft to my computer and make a PDF Pattern in Adobe illustrator. I also start documenting steps to sew it up and i use In design to do this.

I have my own templates set up from when i did the Pattern workshop course which i enjoyed doing so much and still refer to all the videos still. With the course i was able to learn essential computer skills to make my patterns professional and printable!

This is just the first part of how i create sewing patterns!

I can’t wait to tell you more about my designing process. Thanks for reading!

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