Perth Craft and Quilt Fair – A Sewing day out!

On Thursday i made my annual visit to the craft and quilt fair here in Perth and this year i was very impressed!

I didn’t get many photos as i was to busy shopping and looking at the wonderful creations.

I tried some paper craft and made my husband a cute card.

we made our way to the back as the front was so full with people! it was a very busy day for a week day. Around 2 pm it starts getting quieter.

It’s definitely a good idea to look around first and then do a second round to buy the things you liked.

My sister and i tried one of the free classes trying out a new sewing machine from Toyota.

The Oekaki Renaissance Sewing machine is pretty new to Australia and it’s an awesome alternative to a long arm for those starting out!

Oekaki toyota machine

Now I’ve always thought i was no good at this free-motion stitching stuff but i was amazed at how confident i felt on this machine and after all It’s name Oekaki means “to draw”.

We had so much fun, first trying with the interfaced fabric in a hoop than most of the class felt confident within 15 minutes to not use a hoop any more!

The great thing about this machine is it was designed for this and different from other machines!

The speed is set on the machine not by the pressure on the foot pedal.

The straight stitching for me worked for fantastic results i am starting to think i could do this! everyone is so supportive at the fair with lots of people walking past watching us sew!

Drawing with the Toyota machine
This is my work! I really loved the free-motion straight stitch!

It was my sisters first time sewing since high school and she really liked doing the zigzag

The foot pedal controls the width of the zigzag stitches with pressure it’s a longer stitch. Less pressure the smaller the stitch.

first timers go on the toyota machine
My sisters work, she preferred the zigzag! Pretty great considering it’s her first sewing since high school!

This machine surprised me with what it could do! I loved the class the ladies really knew their stuff!

The other highlights of the show for me were the local Quilt shops like Quilt Maison with adorable ways to sell fabric and lovely conversation.

And the awesome Hammered leather works which is also Perth based!

You can make your own leather bags with these amazing kits and the leather is so soft!

With so much inspiration i can’t wait to get sewing!

2 thoughts on “Perth Craft and Quilt Fair – A Sewing day out!

  1. Hi I to love my new Oekaki sewing machine which I bought from Lyncraft, but I have a problem I cant get any Bobbins for my machine only have the 4 that came with the machine ,Do you know were I can get the Bobbins,
    Regards Carol
    Flowers by the sea in Narooma
    NSW 2546

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