Quick Window Covering – Tutorial

The neighbours house got knocked down and with it, all the lush plants and trees growing on the property which acted as the perfect screen between our laundry and their house. Now the far away neighbours can see right in!

Old window Covering - Lorelei Jayne
Our ugly old lace curtain, it’s no longer white!
Don’t you love the collection on the sill, soaker’s, floor cleaner, measuring cup, a bobby pin (of course) coins and a tiny teddy (thanks kids!)

I have had very little time to make house stuff (curtains and cushions) and totally no time to choose a fabric and pick a type of curtain AND it’s a laundry, nothing special needed.

Searched Stash, it needed to be light weight as it will be hanging on a cord and it needs to let as much light in as possible.

The search resulted in is this lovely fabric which has been in my stash only a few weeks!

Room Service by Jenean Morrison
Room Service, Grand Hotel by Jenean Morrison

I too a quick measurement of the window and it was about 38″ x 35 1/2″

I want it to be a tiny bit gathered but not enough to make it heavy also weighed up by the amount of fabric i don’t want to waste on this project… (i love my fabric)

My fabric was 1 Metre off the bolt. so 44″ x 1 Metre. This meant that i had to turn the fabric sideways to get a bit of gathering.

I straighten and over-locked all sides.

I folded in the sides 1/4″ and edge stitched then folded down the top and  stitched 1/8 from the over-locked edge to create the cord casing.

I then hung it to see how long i wanted it.

Quick new curtain for an ugly laundry tutorial - lorelei jayne

It had a good 3″ to take up. I just folded, pinned and stitched along the overlocked edge. This added a bit of weight but not too much.

It still lets it a lot of light but i just love the colour! If i get sick of it i can easily change it and wash the fabric to use it for something else!

quick curtain tutorial - Lorelei Jayne

I love it and it took 15 minutes! Brightens up the ugly laundry!

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