Tips for sewing with Felt

Top tips and free sewing tutorials to sewing felt

My sister is obsessed with fabric and felt quiet books at the moment and is making one for my niece.

There are so many tutorials and cute quiet books. She is coming up with some really great ideas and patterns herself and it helps that she is really good and hand stitching unlike me!

Before you jump in and start working with felt i want to give you some handy hints!

1. Freezer paper, use it to help cut felt, it really works and you can get it from your supermarket or craft store.

2. Small Sharp scissors are a must to get into tight corners tiny pieces

3. Buy in bulk, saves so much money. She bought a huge pack of embroidery floss and other accessories needed for the quiet book she is making and saved heaps.

4. Shorter stitches look better than big ones!

5. Enjoy the process! it’s all about the journey just as much as the end result.

I can’t wait to show you what she has been designing but in the meantime I’ve found some adorable tutorials for Felt items.

These are definitely inspiring me to do more hand sewing and to work more with felt!

Minion Pincushion – lady Joyceley (so adorable!)

Glasses Cases – Ginger melon dolls

Felt Bows – Craftiness is not optional, Sew cute!

Felt Crowns – ikatbag

Felt moustaches –  Bugs and Fishes, Laura actually writes awesome books with cool felt 

Raccoon Doll – Mooky Chick

 I can’t wait to practice my hand sewing!

I would love to know what you sew using Felt and feel free to share with me on Social Twitter and Instagram with the #loreleijayne

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