Scissor Pouch Tutorial

Scissor Pouch

I’ve been getting more obsessed with my scissor collection and within that collection i have a few pairs of small scissors.

I really need to have a few small pairs move around with me to other rooms when i’m doing crochet or small hand sewing projects.

I want each pair to be protected and look cute too.

I decided to make a cute scissor pouch to protect them and wanted you to have a copy of the pattern too!

To get a copy of the pattern you can download for free on in the shop or on Craftsy.

This project is for personal use only. 

 You’ll need to cut:

2 exterior pouch pieces

1 exterior flap piece

2 lining pouch pieces

1 lining flap piece (cut this mirror image to the exterior piece)

2 fusible fleece pouch pieces

1 fusible fleece flap piece

2″  of 1/4″ elastic or you could use a hair tie.

 and you’ll need 1 adorable 1/2″ button

The seam allowance for this project is 1/4″

I begun this project with realising i’ve lost all the hair ties i had for sewing projects, but 1/4″ elastic works just as well.

Once you’ve cut out all your pieces, fuse the fusible fleece to the back of the exterior pieces of the pouch and flap.

Scissor Pouch lorelei jayne

put both flap pieces right sides together and stitch around the sides and bottom.

stitch and clip flap

Clip the corners and turn right side out, top stitch.

top stitch flap1

Attach the elastic 2 inches from the top of on the left hand side one pouch piece.

attach elastic

Place the exterior pieces together and stitch around the sides and bottom, leaving the top open.

pouch clip
Turn right side out.

Mark the middle of the pouch and the middle of the flap. match these marks and baste stitch at 1/8″.

You want to ensure that the flap is right side down on the back side of your pouch, so that the straight edge of the flap will be on the elastic side when flipped over the top.

baste flap

Mark on the wrong side of the lining a 2 inch turning whole on the side. do not stitch between these two marks.


stitch around the sides and bottom (except between the mark) and leaving the top open.

Place the exterior pouch pieces on the inside of the lining pieces right sides together, matching the side seams.

all together now

Sew around the top of the pouch.

pull though

Pull the exterior of the pouch through the hole in the lining.

Close up the hole in the lining with an edge stitch.

close hole

Push the lining into the pouch and press well.

Top stitch

top stitch Scissor Pouch - Lorelei Jayne

Attach a button on the front of the flap for the closure.

You have made a cute scissor pouch, it will fit a few small pairs of scissors.

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scissor case 1

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8 thoughts on “Scissor Pouch Tutorial

  1. I recently made a pouch for my large Gingher scissors. Thanks to you, I will be making several for my smaller scissors.

  2. This looks like an excellent way to keep my sewing scissors safe from being used for other things. And perhaps even keeping my cats from spinning them off the sewing table.

  3. I knew the minute I first saw this pattern that I would make one for every member of my quilting group! I had a Saturday free and I assembly lined 10 pouches. Just one word of caution, the iron on batting material should be on the thin side. I thought I would be all right with what I used(pollen TP971F), I recommend using a low loft. I think it will give you a criper look. I’m still excited to Secret Santa them on everyones plate next week.

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