Which Fabric?

I adore fabric, it’s so nice to go into my local fabric store and look at the pretty fabrics and touch the different textures.

As we all do, i start to wonder, what could i make this with that cotton?, maybe a lovely top from that rayon and a great dress with that sateen.

Mostly it goes into the STASH!

craft stash
Don’t worry it’s not that big :p

But how do you know what to use for what project?

Before starting a project or pattern, Read the pattern carefully as they indicate what fabrics are best suited.

Feel the fabric. think about the weight and use of the item you want to make.

If your making a bag you don’t want light weight fabrics that could rip or damage easily as they get thrown around and handled quite a lot

Clothing can handle lighter weight fabrics however pants should be made with slightly heavier and stretcher fabrics.

Heres a quick guide i’ve thought of for fabrics

Kids clothing:

Quilting cotton, poly cotton, denim, lawn, broadcloth, sateen


Canvas, denim, quilting cotton, home decor fabric, linen

Adult clothing:

Double gauze,Voile, lawn Poly cotton, denim, broadcloth, sateen, linen, rayon, sheeting.


Quilting fabric, felt, ANYTHING!

You know what it all depends on what you think and how you feel about the fabric you are choosing.

How it looks, feels and inspires in you.

And if it doesn’t suit your project, add it to your stash! I won’t tell!

Thanks for reading!

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