Colouring Book Caddy

Colouring book Caddy Pattern Pieces

The Colour Book Caddy is back! It’s been updated and is cuter than ever!

This Bag fits colouring books, music books, folders and is perfect for kids.

The colouring book caddy is great Beginner sewing project and good for kids.

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I’ve improved the pattern and made it easy to use it’s available in my shop

This pattern and tutorial is for personal use only

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The Seam allowance is 1/4″  except when sewing all together which is 1/2″ and top stitching 1/8″

You need:

Pattern pieces, cut them as marked on the pieces.

(1) 1 1/2″ piece of velcro

(1) 4.5″ piece of Velcro

*** Note about interfacing, it’s optional, i haven’t put it on the pattern pieces.

I sometimes put interfacing on the back piece. Especially if it’s poplin.

First, do the hemming.
Fold 1/4″ of the non rounded long side of each front pocket then 1/4″ again, top stitch

Fold 1/4″ of one long side of the Pencil case then 1/4″ again, top stitch


Sew 2 strap pieces right sides together down each long end, turn, press and top stitch.
colouring book Caddy - Lorelei jayne

colouring book Caddy - Lorelei jaynSew the 2 closure tabs right sides together on 3 sides, clip corners, turn, press and top stitch.

colouring book Caddy - Lorelei jayn colouring book Caddy - Lorelei jayn

Sew the Pencil case flap right sides together leaving a 1-2 inch gap in at the top. clip corners and curves, turn, press and top stitch along the sides and bottom. Don’t top stitch the top yet.


To attach the pencil case fold and press the three non hemmed edges in 1/4 pin to the centre of the left pocket. If you want it on the right or left it doesn’t really matter because the velcro stops pencils falling out.  Edge stitch around the sides and bottom to attach the pencil case to the pocket.

SAM_1284 SAM_1292

Take the pencil case flap and line it up about 1/4″ away from the top of the pencil case. Top stitch along the top attaching the flap to the pocket.

Now this is the part where I attach the Velcro to the pencil case so it lines up perfectly. Attach it just under the top stitching on the case and line it up on the flap.SAM_1300

Baste the pockets onto the inside piece at 1/4″ ensure the hemmed sides of the pockets are right side up and in towards the middle


Attach the piece of Velco on the back piece (exterior piece)
Find the middle of left side on the back piece and attach the Velcro 1 ½ inches in from the edge.SAM_1318

Find the middle of each short side of the back piece and put the closure flap on the right side. Place the straps 1 inch to the left and right of the closure flap and in the same place on the left side.


Pin back piece right sides together on to the middle piece (the rest)

Sew around using 1/2″ seam allowance and leaving a 2” gap at the bottom for turning. Clip corners, turn, press and top stitch.


Attach Velcro to the end of the closure flap to allow room for markers and pencils in the pencil case.

SAM_1351SAM_1365I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, please leave a comment if you did!

If you would like to make this caddy to sell please purchase a commercial use licence as this allows me to keep making great free tutorials and patterns.

Thank you to all the testers and people who have made this pattern already i really love your creations

Beverley Power Handmade
Perfect for teens as well! – by Beverley Power Handmade
Beverley Power Handmade
So colourful by Crystal


Adorable colouring book caddy by Jennifer

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