Plastic Bag Holder – Fat Quarter Tutorial

I bought a plastic bag holder from my local $2 store (That’s the dollar store to Americans) and it lasted 1 month before the seams started to split and bags started to fall out…

Plastic Bag holder

So i decided to make my own and i made it a 10 minute effort with a fat quarter of fabric. I got a heap of Fat quarters on sale for $1 and i’m very happy to use one for this project.

I thought i would show you what i did, so you can whip one up. My mum’s already asked for one!

You’ll need:

(1) 15″ x 15″ piece of fabric (however you can make it longer if you get a lot of plastic bags, we use them up in our house)

(2) Pieces of 1/4″ elastic that is 7″ long

2″ of elastic or ribbon.

This can be hand or machine sewn.

First make an elastic casings at the top and bottom by folding over 1/4″ then folding over 1/2″

10 minute plastic bag holder

10 minute plastic bag holder

Pin the ribbon (Or elastic) ends over lapping the folded edge of the elastic casing.

10 minute plastic bag holder

Edge stitch these casings closed, stitching over the ribbon.

Thread the 7″ elastic through each casing holding the ends with pins.

10 minute plastic bag holder

Fold the sides right sides together and sew down the edge with 1/4″ seam allowance.

10 minute plastic bag holder

You can Zig zag this edge so it doesn’t fray.

Turn your new plastic bag holder right side out and it’s ready to use!

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