Is CoSchedule worth it to a craft blogger?

is coschedule worth it.

I had been hearing so much about Coschedule from bloggers especially high revenue bloggers or bloggers that are full time bloggers. I was curious if it would be good for part time bloggers or hobby bloggers.

is coschedule worth it.

If you want to see all about Coschedule click here (affiliate link)

I am always a bit skeptical about these pluggins/apps that make everything easier and cost a lot. I’ve tried buffer and hootsuit but they just didn’t quite work for me however they have the free options which really suit hobby bloggers.

I also really didn’t want to add another thing that i have to do or go to. NOT ANOTHER THING. But this is an (ALMOST) all in one!

So i went and looked a Coschedule website, watched some videos and i decided to try the 14 day trial. I actually tried it for 14 days on two blogs to see if it would be more beneficial on one more than the other.

Yes you need to pay per blog… It’s not cheap either but with these things if you are making ad revenue or selling product you should think of these things as an investment. All blogging tools that allow you to share your products and bring possible customers to your site should be treated as an investment. However be a smart investor and try before you buy as much as you can.

I got to day 8 and thought how am i ever going to go back to what i was doing (or not doing well enough) before. I was previously not succeeding at social media, not even trying because i lack the time. And coschedule has allowed me to do social media all at once when i’m blogging. I’m saving a tonne of time and doing things i just didn’t have time to do before.

I no longer feel frustrated. I feel in control of blogging now and that has given me ideas and creative time! I feel like i’m posting more and scheduling better.

The best feature i have found is that i can control my blogs from 1 account! You can link all of your calendars. No jumping from one wordpress site to another, just one screen and two clicks and your in another blog’s editorial calendar. In that calendar you can add blog posts, social messages to social media, events, notes and tasks.

You can link evernote to it and your google calendar too. If your not that technical don’t worry they have a great help menu and answer your email questions really fast! (yeah i made a boo boo!)

Also Video classes! FREE a huge help to not only use the app but to figure out a social media strategy for your blog!

The only thing i don’t love about it is that it doesn’t connect with Pinterest or instagram. If it did it would be PERFECT!

I totally recommend you try coschedule for your blog and seeing if it works for you. If you want to read more and check it out click here. (affiliate link)

One thought on “Is CoSchedule worth it to a craft blogger?

  1. Thanks for writing this awesome review of CoSchedule! We appreciate it! I love how you talked about CoSchedule being an investment. That is a great point! Thanks again! 🙂

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