My First Boys Shirt – Prepster Pullover

My oldest has been asking me to make him a shirt for so long and with his birthday coming up i knew it would be the perfect opportunity.

I already had a few boys shirt patterns but i wanted a casual look. So i bought the Prepster Pullover by Blank Slate Patterns.

I had bought the Pokemon fabric (as requested) months ago on preorder from a friend and waited a few months for it to be imported and posted to me. I got two other Pokemon fabrics which i plan on making some shorts from and a few purses and wallets for markets.

The Prepster Pullover is the first boys shirt, first planket and first little collar i’ve ever done! I didn’t have enough time to do a muslin, and i knew i couldn’t do a fit for my son. I almost cut out a size 5 then thought i better measure him first!. I’m glad i did. He sized at a size 6 but i think he will grow out of it quite fast.

Prepster Pullover

I have to say i didn’t struggle with any of this pattern, perhaps because i read it through once first and read each step twice for fear of stuffing it.

I did have to unpick the planket when i attached it right sides together, but i caught it really early. I also marked on the front of the fabric in….Pencil… What was i thinking… but it wasn’t too bad and came out in the wash.

I chose 2 little mother of pearl buttons that were inherited from my grandma’s button collection. It made me very happy to use them on this project for my son.

He was so happy with his shirt and very excited to wear it to his birthday party. He has asked to wear it to daycare. I think i will make this a tradition. Something handmade for each birthday. I have done it for his other birthdays without thinking much about it. But this was special because he picked everything himself.

I can’t wait to make a shirt for my younger one… Now to find some cute fabric!

If you have fabric suggestions i would love to see them in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “My First Boys Shirt – Prepster Pullover

  1. Do you have a tutorial on how you did the prepster pullover? I’m slightly confused on the cutting part ?

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