The Essential Nappy Wallet – A Review

I was asked my Lisa at Andrie Designs to review the Essential Nappy Wallet. I was (and i’m always) a bit worried about how i would go with the binding… Me and binding were not friends. But this project changed our relationship for the better!

essential nappy

Lisa provides two sets of instructions for binding, hand binding and machine binding. This project is a great one for a beginner binder. The only hand stitching (if you choose so) is at the very end to stitch up the ends of the binding. I don’t love hand stitching but it’s a 5 minute job.. You could machine stitch them if you really wanted.

The Essential Nappy Wallet was the first time i used my new wonder clips which was so much easier than pins! I loved using them and using clips made this project even more of a breeze.

The fabric is so adorable and it’s perfect for a baby project. The little owl button fit quite well with the fabric and colours and i just want to use them on everything!

I love when a project uses up my larger scraps and fat quarters, and i had everything in my stash. This project is a great last minute gift idea for a baby shower! It took me less than 2 hours. most of that time was spent quilting and cutting the threads from quilting…  open wallet

This pattern has an free extension pack too! It has an added pocket for nappy bags and another side pocket. I will end up making another one for sure, it’s going to be my go to pattern when my friends have babies!

Head to Andrie Designs and get the Essential Nappy Wallet pattern for your stash!

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