Thin Pencil Case Tutorial

Thin Pencil Case

As always my tutorials come from some need.. if not by me then my friends and family. A friend told me how her daughter wanted this really expensive pencil case that was “nothing special” and not handmade and wouldn’t even fit that many pencils in it.

I being a huge stationary lover can understand it doesn’t have to be that useful… just a little useful and cute! So i thought i would take what she described “a thin pencil case” and interoperate that into cuteness and a tutorial for said cuteness.

It’s useful too because this pencil case fits a few pens and it can attach to folders or handbags. Now of course i have a list of people who want one…

Lets get started on our Thin Boxy Pencil case

The Seam Allowance is 3/8″

You’ll need the following

(2) Exterior pieces 4″ x 8″

(2) Lining pieces 4″ x 8″

(1) exterior piece 2″ x 2″ for the Swivel hook tab.

(1) 10″ zipper or larger. You can use smaller but i like it super easy!

and 1 Swivel hook I get mine from Sew creative supplies here

You can also just use a D or O ring

First lets make the tab for the swivel hook

 Fold the 2″x 2″ piece in half, unfold and fold each side to meet the middle and fold in half again.

Top stitch 1/8″ down each side.

Fold this over your hook loop ready to attach to the case.

Now the zip! Don’t be afraid this is easy.

I didn’t actually use a zipper foot for this project just my regular one. Sandwich the zip inbetween the lining and the exterior on the raw edge.

Easy boxy pencil case

Ensure the exterior fabric is facing the right side of the zipper and line it all up carefully.

Thin pencil case

I put it right in the middle of the zipper that way i don’t have to worry about the zip pull.

Once side one is attached fold out and top stitch.

Thin pencil case

Attach the other side the same way, top stitch too.

Thin pencil case

Open the zipper

Take each side of the same fabric and match right sides together and sew 3/8″ along the bottom.

Thin pencil case

Press open these seams.

Thin pencil case tutorial

Reach through and pull the case right side out.

Attach the Swivel hook tab with the hook looped on it, to the right side of the exterior fabric atone end on the bottom(the seam you just created)Thin pencil case tutorial

*** Ensure the bag is wrong side out and the zip is now close to the center of the case.


Center the zipper and pin the sides.

Thin pencil case tutorial

Sew down each side, Cut off the excess zipper tape and finish these seams with an overlocker or zig zag stitch.Thin pencil case tutorial

Open the zipper

Make the boxed corners by pushing them flat and sewing 1/2″ in from the corner.

Thin pencil case tutorial Thin pencil case tutorial

Turn your pencil case right side out and enjoy.thin pencil case tute

 These are so fun to make!

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