Cute Card and Coin Purse – Free Tutorial

Cute Card and Coin Purse

I’m becoming obsessed with purses while designing my first one and i wanted to make a cute little coin purse that could also hold some other cards.

This is so cute and my cards fit perfectly. Firstly if your a beginner and scared of zips it’s OK! You can make the snap version! Check that out here!

Please be aware this is for tutorial personal use only.

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First you will need the pattern pieces which you can get for free HERE or on CRAFTSY.

The wide version of this pattern is available

Cute Card and coin purse

 You will need less than 1 fat quarter of fabric  (scrap friendly)

1 x 7″ Zipper

Sewing machine


Cut out the pattern pieces and transfer markings to the front of the card fabric pieces

If you are using interfacing (optional) fuse it onto the card piece now.


Fold the card piece accordion style as indicated on the pattern, from the bottom wrong sides together on the fold line (Marked lines), then right sides together (tricky bit) and wrong sides then right sides together.

cute card and coin purse on lorelei jayne

Press once you have it how you like it and Top stitch the card slots.

cute card and coin purse on lorelei jayne

Baste stitch the card slots down 1/4″  from the side edges.

Make the other side the same way.

Attach the to the zip by placing the zip face down on to the right side of the card side and the lining on top of the zip

cute card and coin purse on lorelei jayne Pin, glue or use clips while sewing.

Open out and top stitch.

Attach the exterior side and lining pieces to the other side of the zip the same way being careful to ensure that the fabric lines up with the other side as best you can.

(mines not perfect either!)

cute card and coin purse on lorelei jayne

Now move the zipper pull to the centre. VERY IMPORTANT!

Now match up and pin the two front pieces together and the two lining pieces together.

Ensure that the zipper teeth point towards the lining. 

Sew all the way around with a 1/2″ seam allowance leaving a 3″ hole at the bottom of the lining for turning.

cute card and coin purse on lorelei jayne

Trim the side seams down to 1/4″ and clip the corners and excess zip tape.

Carefully turn the pouch right side out through the hole you left.

cute card and coin purse

close the hole with a top stitch or you could blind hand stitch it.

Push the lining inside the purse and ENJOY!

cute card and coin purse

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11 thoughts on “Cute Card and Coin Purse – Free Tutorial

  1. Loreleijayne, I bought your wallet, but I am so confused by the pieces of the pattern.. They are so confusing. They are numbered, but even overlapping, I can’t figure it out. I tried the measurements, but, I am having a terrible time. Shirley Schenmeyer

  2. Shirley,
    I have sent you a message on facebook. Perhaps it’s a printing issue. Feel free to discuss within the facebook sewing group as someone may have a work around.

  3. Hi
    Thanks for the pattern I love it. I stiffened a shirt and am making a coin/card purse from it. I found the pattern a little bit confusing too and cut out all pieces as per pieces. I realized then that i had cut out the small one and the large as well. I would like to send you a photo of both after I have finished them if you would be interested.
    Thanks looking forward to more of your patterns.

  4. OMIGOSH! Thank you so much for this pattern! I don’t do wallets; I was just looking for something small to hold my credit cards. This fits the bill perfectly. I’d tried making my own wallet to match my purse, but I couldn’t figure out the accordion thing. This pattern explains it perfectly and gives me confidence that your patterns will be easy to follow, even for me. 🙂

    I’ll definitely be checking out your patterns!

  5. Just made this darling coin purse today. I use small clutches so this size card/coin/cash purse is perfect.

  6. I made the coin purse but it seems too small. My cards don’t fit properly. I cut the pattern as printed. Was I suppose to add extra for seams? Maybe my 1 inch didn’t print the correct size.

  7. It’s really important that the 1″ square is 1 inch and not smaller. Also that the seam allowance is correct.

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