Cute Card Purse Snap version

Cute card purse

This is the snap version of my cute card purse. It’s for beginners or those who love snaps (oh I do!!!)

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Cute card purse

If you would like to see the zippered version click here

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First you will need the pattern pieces which you can get for free in the shop or on Craftsy

 You will need less than 1 fat quarter of fabric  (scrap friendly)

Light weight interfacing (Optional)

A snap set (sew on is ok)

Sewing machine


Cut out the pattern pieces and transfer markings to the front of the card fabric pieces.

If you are using interfacing (optional) fuse it onto the card piece now.

Fold the card pieces accordion style as indicated on the pattern, from the bottom wrong sides together on the fold line (Marked lines), then right sides together (tricky bit) and wrong sides then right sides together.

Cute Card purse

Baste stitch the card slots down 1/4″  from the side edges.

Make the other side the same way.

Put the two card pieces right sides together and sew around the sides and bottom leaving the top open.

Turn right side out

Install the Snap centred 1 inch down from the top of each lining piece so the snap is on the right side.

Cute Card purse on

Put right sides together and sew around each side leaving a 3 inch turning hole at the bottom.

Cute card snappy purse

Leave the lining wrong side out and put the card pieces inside the lining pieces.

Match the side seams and stitch around the top with a 3/8″ inch seam allowance.

Cute card purse

Reach into the turning hole and pull the pouch right side out.

Cute Card purse on

Close the turning hole with a edge stitch or a blind stitch.

Stuff the lining inside the pouch.Cute Card purse

Tadah! Your snap version of the cute card purse!
Cute Card purse on

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