Kids Bag Sewing Tutorials

Kids bag sewing patterns

With kids birthdays happening it’s got me thinking about how much i love sewing kids bags.

They really are the best gift! I thought i would introduce to you my favourite kids bags!

Check out these Freebies and let me know what you think!

Bunny Face Bag – sewVery (Affiliate link)

The Ultimate Voyagers Adventure Satchel – Vanilla Joy (Affiliate link)

Quilted Suitcase – mommy by day crafter by night.

Little Girl Bag – Lorelei Jayne

Strawberry bag pattern – Jacks and Kate

Colouring Book Caddy – Lorelei Jayne

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2 thoughts on “Kids Bag Sewing Tutorials

  1. You have a free pattern on ” Little girl bag” on this is my 4th try and I’m not getting it. If it’s not free then advertise it as such!

  2. Debra i’m sorry you’ve had issued downloading the free pattern pieces from craftsy, i’ve emailed them to you.

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