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Quick top

Sewing 5 Tops

I made the Sailor top and it didn’t go well. So in the end i made a Quick top by Jocole.

My sailor top started well, i took my measurements again just to be sure and then…. i cut out the wrong size.

Best laid plans.  But of course i didn’t realise i cut the wrong size until i completely stuffed up the top. I blame this on a few things.

See the skinny facing... yeah that's not right!
See the skinny facing… yeah that’s not right!

My BAD sewing attitude.

I wasn’t in the best sewing mood. I really believe in being in a creative mood to sew and design and i just wasn’t in it. I was kind of stressed about this pattern when before i was excited about it. I just needed to get back in that zone.

Not being careful

triple checking the size, marking the dots on fabric pieces correctly and generally taking time.

Average sewing

This was me not paying attention, and i also find it hard to sew using a 5/8 seam allowance. I’m use to sewing bags.

I also HATE facings.

sailor top fail2
Terrible sewing, especially the facings. No hard feelings, will try again!

I tried it on. It was tight (duh). I’m not giving up! I will totally attempt it again! But i think i will choose a different fabric.I may even do the course as those facings really got to me!

So after it didn’t work out i didn’t waste time feeling bad because thats a waste of time! I grabbed a tried and true top pattern that i love and thats well quick. The Quick top and dress pattern by Jocole is so fast and easy. I find it’s a good fill in between harder projects.

Quick topI have lengthened the pattern slightly and will probably lengthen in a tiny bit more.

I also created side splits by stopping 2.5″ from the bottom of each side seam. I love this fabric! so bright and different!

Quick top by Jocole

I used bias tape on the neckline, arm holes and hem. I have folded the hems before and it works just as well.

Check out the Quick top and dress pattern by Jocole here.

Also it looks like i may have enough of this fabric for ANOTHER top.

So 3 tops per fabric?  Maybe…. That’s good value! Remember all the fabric cost me $99!

This week i have to stock up on more Bias tape for the rest of the tops.

Check out My Bess top (Top 1),  pattern by Imagine Gnats here.

Keep reading for next weeks top which is the Everyday Elegance by Patterns for Pirates. (affiliate link)

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2 thoughts on “Quick Top – Top 2 of 5

  1. Love the fabric and I totally feel you there – when I rush, I end up doing things wrong.

    What I like is that you don’t just let it get you down when things don’t work out. You actively do something to get your spirits up so you can tackle this pattern again.

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