Washi Top – Top 5 of 5! I did it!

Sewing 5 Tops

It’s done! It’s over and the pressure is off!

Sewing 5 Tops

I just finished! The washi top is my last top in this series. I’m sorry it’s not modelled on me but it’s a bit tight… Only a smidge! but i’m going to slim into it!Washi Top 1

Sewing the Washi Top by Made by Rae was really really enjoyable! The fabric didn’t slip while cutting or sewing and i felt really confident trying the shirring. And i think i did pretty well.


The instructions for this pattern are so good! I felt really confident and i’m so glad i left this pattern for the last top!

It  really is the best sewn top out of all of the 5. washi back

I wanted to also say that the shirring was made easier because i used my mums Elna with a front bobbin. I thought about trying it on my drop in bobbin brother machine but decided against it after reading so many people say they struggled. Struggling is not what i wanted when trying shirring for the first time and with this last top.

I wanted to tell you that i still have enough fabric for at least 2 more tops and with this fabric i have already made a shorter Bess top.

So all up it was $99 for all my fabric which has made 5 wearable tops and another 2 tops are to be made. I think i will be making tortola tops as that is such a fast and fun sew and perfect for summer. That’s $14 per top. Amazing!

I’m really happy i did this series and that i don’t have to go shopping for tops. I have unique clothing that i have already been complimented on and i’m not ashamed at all to say, thanks i made it!

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5 tops in 5 weeks

I’ll be doing some more sew series in the future for sure!

I also totally recommend making a plan or series of your own if you’ve lost some of your sewjo.

Just getting in there and sewing can make you want to do it more for sure!

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