Party Clutch Pattern Review

Party Clutch Pattern Review

As soon as i saw The Party Clutch sewing pattern i knew i had to try it!

Another pattern that took over my Facebook feed and i found myself buying black vinyl and beautiful canvas just to make it!. Both fabrics i have not sewn a great deal before and they did so well with this sewing pattern.

Party Clutch Pattern Review

The Fabric is Koi by Rashida COLEMAN-HALE and i have been passing it in the fabric store for a while thinking of what i would make. I picked out the vinyl and turned around and the scalloped Edge design was sitting there. I got a huge kick out of that shopping trip. I had seen the Dragonfly fabric too but was already over budget with the huge amount i spend on the vinyl oops!

After making the first party clutch and falling in love i knew before writing this review i would need to make one with the dragonfly fabric. This project solidified my love for Rashida COLEMAN-HALE and Cloud 9 fabric. It’s devine! I also made the BG Bag out of The Way of Tthe Flowers and it turned out so well.

Now on to the Fold Over Party Clutch pattern. It’s so fun, quick and easy! On the first clutch i used fusible fleece on the lining and it turned out great and softly structured. I love the way the pattern instructs how to do the zipper however i reverted to my old ways on the second clutch. I think try everything a few times though and then decide how best to do any sewing technique. I love how the zip tabs look and it sits so professionally when completed.

Sewing Pattern Party Clutch

I used a fusible batting for the Dragonfly clutch and it seemed very slightly thinner and less puffy however still a professional finish. The pattern is really well written with great clear photos and has had amazing testing and feedback. I love seeing all the other clutches on Little Moo Designs Sewcialists Facebook Group and it’s totally going to keep me making more of these!

I totally recommend this for sewists starting to use zippers and vinyl. Don’t be afraid it is such a fun pattern and great result. My biggest tip to sew vinyl is use a walking foot or Teflon foot with larger stitch length.

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